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  1. Jazzer

    Jazzer The Dutch connection Staff Member

    Something fun for anyone with a creative mind that is currently featured on Kickstarter. Love it, backed it, can recommend it to anyone! It's from Denmark, the home of cool things such as Lego, Anima and huge taxes on cars. ;)
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  2. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    Great, more tiny things with sharp edges to step on.

    I think Denmark has a secret hatred of feet!
  3. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    Simple ideas like those are what Danes are good at.

    And i can come up with a few things that are more exiting than me and our huge taxes - mainly architecture (Opera house in Sydney) and the traditional Danish pastry and strawberry compote. Oh, and we do make some drama shows that are worth watching - for example the series called "The Killing" or "Forbrydelsen (trans: The crime) ..
  4. rotane

    rotane Founders

    Hey, and don't you forget about your gorgeous movie movement: "Adam's Apples", "After the wedding", just to mention two. Mads Mikkelsen is one of my favorite actors. No, I am not Danish ;-) I am just a fan. And I can recommend new Danish movies to anyone who likes films with great story telling.

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