Time for a rebrand?

Discussion in 'General' started by Fuserleer, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    Saluta.com is for sale
    Saluto.com is for sale.
    Saluton.com is for sale.

    Saluton is ”hello” in esperanto.

    Liberta.com is taken but not currently in use. Not sure if we can buy it.
    Civita.com is in use by MTX.
  2. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    The .com domain is in use and probably very expensive if they agree to sell it.
  3. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

  4. MegaWind

    MegaWind New Member

    I like aura as a possible consumer name.
    I checked on aura.com = for sale at $250,000 USD minimum....ugh.

    Aura.money is available for $9.99. Aura.rocks is also available for $4.99 if you want to have a bit of humour :cool:

    Also, someone suggested RegEx earlier in the thread, but RegEx = "Regular Expressions" in the dev world, so that would be very confusing.
  5. Gedke

    Gedke Beta Testers

    Then take aura and radix and make aurad (aurado) the gold of Radix, the root of (new) gold
    aurad.com is taken but I doubt it is very expensive to purchase, the net is free
    aurado.com is taken
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  6. MegaWind

    MegaWind New Member

    Good idea - I like 'aurad' as it ties in well with Radix, and sounds like a reasonable currency/consumer name. I think it's better than aura now :)
    Aurad.io is also available.
  7. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    Aurax.com is parked at godaddy, maybe for sale.
  8. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

  9. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

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  10. Rickard

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  11. Lemming

    Lemming Founders

    Dixi is a brand of portable toilets, and the word is used to refer to portable toilets in general (at least in Germany and Belgium) :)
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  12. jonas452

    jonas452 Beta Testers

    Are you from belguim? fyi so am i
  13. TejB

    TejB New Member

    I found a really good one I know it's the one heheheh
  14. julebreaker

    julebreaker New Member

    How about "meta" or something similar?
  15. TejB

    TejB New Member

    Can't you just change the website address a little bit? Global but add something else to it. I do feel like Global gives it a superiourity feel over other Crypto names.
  16. Cybersan

    Cybersan New Member

    Just idea

    SPIN (SPeed & coIN)
    SCALAR (SCAlability, but..Scalar vs. Stellar, I know ;-)
  17. TheFifty9Sound

    TheFifty9Sound New Member

    Throwing in my 2 cents. "Aura" has by far been the best suggestion for a consumer product name, but with all the best names, you're going to be paying a premium for the .com and I think having the .com is a must.

    Still if finances allow, I think a one word generic dictionary term would definitely be the way to go. Psychologically it would help with adoption if it sounds super simple, friendly and familiar, rather than some made up word, in regards to business owners and users alike.

    Of course there are downsides. Any generic term will almost definitely have all the social names already taken, and other businesses will probably will be using it as a part of their own name, so there will be competition to navigate there also.

    The upside of using a made up term is that the .com and social accounts are more likely to be available (domainers are speculating on brandables names a lot these daus, so many are taken), or cheaper to acquire, and Radix will be the only product identified with it.

    If this is the route chosen, the word 100% has to pass the radio test (i.e if you heard it on the radio, would you know exactly how to spell it?). I'm so glad eMunie has been abandoned, because this name definitely fails this requirement. Furthermore, as I read Dan found out, it was not clear to people reading the name how it should be pronounced.

    I'd argue that any made up word that doesn't pass the radio test or could be read with different pronunciations should not be considered. Names like "Twitter" and "Google" are both examples of made up words that work in this regard. "Tumblr" is one that would not.
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  18. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

  19. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

  20. batman

    batman Beta Testers

    Supreme? The best coin?
    Supre.me is for sale

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