Time for a rebrand?

Discussion in 'General' started by Fuserleer, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. trescuernos

    trescuernos Beta Testers

    Radix - > Fabric - > Gearix?

    Edit: There is a project behind gearix. com... but i dont know which kind. Gearic is free.
  2. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    I think Wirebeam is simple enough (as simple as Instagram and Facebook) and with some good connotations for this project. But Minty.com and Beemy.com are alternatives to consider, they are for sale but I don’t know the price.
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  3. Cyg

    Cyg Beta Testers

    Wirebeam reminds me of wire transfer.

    At least to my ears, it reminds me of the technology we are replacing.

    Beam, sounds better although is used a bit with a quick google.
  4. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    Yes it reminds of wire transfer, and that can be a good thing; it reminds people that it is used for sending money. And it’s still a type of ”wire transfer” even though it’s decentralised and the ”wire” is fiber and wifi networks...

    Bitcoin reminds of coins which is the oldest kind of money...
  5. Ryan.a85

    Ryan.a85 Founders Staff Member

    I agree with Cyg, it would be nice to have something simple or memorable (maybe both).

    Something that has a Latin or Greek style could be nice as well.
    Aurum and Vitae (ulfarsgco suggestions) both sound great.
  6. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    Remember the domains must be available.

    Aurum.com is in use by Aurum Fund Management, so not likely we can buy it.
    Vitae.com is taken but forwarded to a different domain, maybe we can buy it.
  7. salfuk

    salfuk Beta Testers

    What about Raddle

    Raddle.com is available for £32k on godaddy

    Doesnt really mean anything other than its another word for reddle which means a red pigment consisting of ochre?
  8. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    Aura.com is for sale.

    AURA = Golden Root (AU = Aurum (Gold) + RA = Radix (Root)).
  9. salfuk

    salfuk Beta Testers

  10. salfuk

    salfuk Beta Testers

    Or maybe flip the Radix and have a word starting with X?

    Would be unique and futuristic seen a couple of financial terms already used Xenocurrency and Xetra...
  11. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    Dixy.com is for sale.

    Ra[dix] -> dixy
  12. Cyg

    Cyg Beta Testers

    Can't we just get an .global address? or .io?

    Of the latest bunch, aura is by far the best (but it will be taken as its more common definition at first rather than AU RA)
  13. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    Personally I don’t mind using .global or .io or something else, but for marketing purposes the .com is always best. There are so many new domain extentions that it is confusing, but everybody knows about .com domains.
  14. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

  15. Gedke

    Gedke Beta Testers

    For the consumer brand .com is needed, Dan wants the platform to be accepted by the masses, to go mainstream
  16. ulfarsgco

    ulfarsgco New Member

    Aura sounds great and has several advantages.
    * the word is full of mystical sense, something that surronds all of us, a bit like the ether
    * It is not so far of Euro. this can give credibility inconsciously
    * it is concise and people would say easily in the future "hey, give me an Aura" ;)
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  17. rotane

    rotane Founders

    How about bigdix? :D
  18. Gedke

    Gedke Beta Testers

    The name should be easy to pronounce and remember in most languages, some names sound easy for the english speaking members but not so easy for the rest of the world.
  19. ScheroedingersRat

    ScheroedingersRat New Member

    Aura sounds good, still some more suggestions



  20. TejB

    TejB New Member

    Why not the name Global?

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