Thoughts on Tezos?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by MVP, May 12, 2017.

  1. MVP

    MVP Beta Testers

    What are your current thoughts on the Tezos project? I've seen alot of discussion around this lately and many comparing this with Radix as I was lurking around reddit etc. for anyone who isn't aware, the ICO is in 10 days.
  2. Peachy

    Peachy Founders Staff Member

    In reading their marketing doc it doesn't seem ANYTHING like Radix.
    1) Delegated DPOS aka centralized POS.
    2) Blockchain
    That's enough to disqualify it from my list of further analysis.
  3. Donnie

    Donnie Beta Testers

    Is this the project that Draper is shillin'? To be honest I don't know much about it, but with Radix launch this close, I'm not interested in finding out more.
  4. MVP

    MVP Beta Testers

    Yeah, totally agree. Way too much hype over this.
  5. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    Very weird! I got asked my thoughts on this in a private chat earlier and now here.

    Peachy nailed's NOTHING like Radix and will suffer from the very same issues that all current 1st generation ledgers do eventually.

    I need to read more on how it intends to do this self governance...but IMO that's really the only USP it has.
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  6. Mario

    Mario Beta Testers

    their usp is tim draper. that's it ;)
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  7. Joel

    Joel New Member

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