The world’s reserve currency...

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Rickard, Aug 13, 2014.

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    These guys used to issue the world’s reserve currency too:

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    Notice the common factor?

    It's not the's that all those currencies were issued by once powerful countries whose governing body made mistakes/overstretched etc etc

    That is why math based currencies are so powerful (and dangerous depending who you are), math never lies, 1+1 always = 2, it doesn't make mistakes and it doesn't rely on a human based government to determine its "trust"

    Traditional currency is dead, it just doesn't know it yet.
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    Whether they like it or not digital currency is here to stay. When bitcoin was at $90 and litecoin at $1.85 shortly before jumping $1200 and $45 everyone ignored my advice to invest. They said smuggly that their stocks were doing great, not realizing that it wasn't even keeping up with inflation and decreasing quality of life standards.

    A few months ago I finally got them to jump aboard in a basket of alt coins with solid long term potential when BTC was at about $650. They've become concerned at the price drop but anyone with a clear understanding of the situation knows that the fiat money system is doomed.

    There is literally no way out of this mess except by nosediving into the ground. It's like the sinking Titanic with only a few lifeboats on board.

    Either you can be one of the first to get off the ship or your going to get dragged down beneath it.

    general public and mainstream media are becoming nervous. They are slowly starting to realize that something is wrong.

    When this market blows up nobody is ever going to trust fiat currencies again.

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