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    My name is Stamen Gorchev, 40 years old, crypto-currency enthusiast.

    I founded - the portal which introduced online poker in Bulgaria back in 2006, has over 20,000 registered players and was voted three years in a row among the top 50 most influential poker affiliate sites in the world - an achievement I am very proud with considering is a purely Bulgarian site.

    After getting tired of poker three years ago, I did a forex bot, studied esoterics and did many other things waiting for the next big thing to invade my life... which turned out to be bitcoin and crypto currencies in general as late as this autumn.

    I am not fascinated with the get-rich-fast opportunities (even though I am well invested in bitcoin) but rather by the new world of services made possible by this innovation. I believe that we are at the doorstep of a revolution comparable with the Internet itself.

    I also have some cool ideas which I am now busy implementing. I am a busy person however with two babies at home so gone are the times where I could spend a week or two in front of the computer on end. Thus, I started looking for other technical guys also interested in bitcoin.

    A hard task, it turned out. Most Bulgarians who knew bitcoin were interested in the mining, and the very few who realized the true potential behind bitcoin did not have the technical skills I was looking for.

    Therefore I opened - to educate the technical people in Bulgaria about the potential hidden in bitcoin and to start organising mutual projects based on the Open Enterprise model, which is another revolution awaiting to happen.

    How I stumbled on eMunie.... I have an idea requiring payments with messages inside like bitcoin. I loosely focused on Nxt because a friend of mine was following them and praised them a lot. Until this week, when I was made to post this: You can see the replies and the attitude of the coordinator...

    The whole story taught me how important it is for a technology to have a public founder (even though I do not agree with Dan about Satoshi Nakamoto). I have heard before about eMunie but never had the time to inspect it closer (a real downside to crypto currencies is the amount of time required to read all the info you need. Is there an application where you can follow and post in many forums from one place?)

    The story with Nxt made me wiser and I decided to take a look. From all I have read here today, I can only say that I feel I have known Dan for a long time and I feel home here - even the forum software is the same as ours. Therefore, I took the time for this long posting as I think I will be around for a long time :)

    If there are people proficient in C# and looking for cool ideas in the crypto-world, please contact me, I think I might succeed in inspiring you to start working together on mine.

    Cheers all

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