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    Hey guys and Girls - sorry if i am posting too much, I have free time on my hands and i get excited about some projects when i consider they offer something special.

    Rather than a time based road map that is very difficult to meet.

    Is there a general idea on milestones - 'events in an order that are ideal to achieve'?

    Can the community derive a list?

    As i understand it the funding will be done before new year, but how can we all tackle 2018 with a combined effort.

    Also there seems to be debate about the ICO?
    Ideas to cap it or to allow unlimited?

    As the economics of this platform seems to be a CCO 'constant coin offering' in perpetuity. The revenue could be raised for promotions, dev expenses, tech development, hardware production etc...

    But the real power to take this World Wide has to be the users and use cases. Partnerships. Marketing.

    IOTA is actively doing this even though not shown in price. We can learn from other platforms.

    Also is there a slack or other members areas as I would love to participate.
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