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Discussion in 'Development' started by Fuserleer, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. jan.prill

    jan.prill New Member

    Count me in please! I'm an quite seasoned software developer who happens to be a lawyer as well.
  2. Buddhist88

    Buddhist88 New Member

    Привет, я также хотел бы помочь в бета-тестировании.
  3. Sanderion

    Sanderion New Member

    Hi! I'm a crypto enthusiast and my friend told me about Radix, a project that will be greater than anything else (i hope;)), about a year ago. Was reading everything on this forum and twitter since then and now decided to register, because I have a very strong desire to participate in the beta testing and help the development of the project! Looking forward to the release of Tight and Radix itself!
  4. J77

    J77 New Member

    I'd love to be involved and I'm located across the world in Australia.

    I come from an electrical engineering background and would like to contribute to the project and its success.
  5. FP crypto

    FP crypto New Member

    I've read a lot about the project and really like the long term ambition as opposed to the short-termism that seems rife these days elsewhere, would be really thrilled to get involved in the beta testing! Please let me know if there is still an opportunity to do so!
  6. XXX007

    XXX007 New Member

    I recently came accross this project and I found it very intriguing. This project has the potential to deal with many existing technical challenges in the crypto-world. I am a researcher in the field of computational chemistry, and I have experience in python. But the most important thing is I am very passionate in taking part in this ground-breaking project.
    Count me in please!
  7. Rihard

    Rihard New Member

    I learned about Radix only a week ago. Since then I thoroughly read and reread everything that could find Radix/eMunie related on the Internet. I should say I am truly impressed with the project and believe it has an enormous potential. I would love to participate in the beta testing and help to the project with my skills. My background: software development, trading, economics.
  8. Roman

    Roman New Member

    I have been familiar with this project for ~2 years, signed up for your newsletter on Twitter. Enjoyed reading every single piece of information I found on bitcointalk and official forum. Radix has a huge potential. I would love to participate in a beta testing.
    Count me in, please!
  9. Buddhist88

    Buddhist88 New Member

    I also would like to help. I have testing skills.
  10. Tom Xixtus

    Tom Xixtus New Member

    I am available always - Please count me in - Im an enthusiastic IT Technician that is passionate about Crypto. Cisco Networking, HDVC, Powershell. Time on my hands as I work from home
  11. XIIIMaximus

    XIIIMaximus New Member

    Hi! My friend told me about Radix, a project that will be greater than anything else. I just read everything I could find on the internet about this project and it sounds great. I would like to be in the beta!
  12. Jesse Coole

    Jesse Coole New Member

    Hi Jesse here and I'd like to be involved. Keen to be part of something really cool and I like the community involvement here.
  13. Rad-voyage

    Rad-voyage Member

    Hello new to the forum but following the progress for awhile.

    Been into crypto for a few years and fulltime investor now for two years.

    Would love to help in testing and later in promotions and increasing use cases.
  14. julebreaker

    julebreaker New Member

    i'm one of the "early" birds in this forum. Tested an earlier build and was excited but got disappointed from all the delays last years and went inactive in terms of this forum. Showed up very unregularily in months. :-(
    Now, after all the updates and the possible upcoming launch i'm getting excited again and would really appreciate it, if you could add me to the beta users to get in touch with the new features and tech behind it.

    Thanks in advance and best regards,
  15. Pascal MARIE

    Pascal MARIE New Member

    Hello how are you
    I would like to beta test please

    I have lots of ideas to use Radix in my projects
  16. WindyCitySDR

    WindyCitySDR New Member

    Jazzer said:
    No problem. The Radix client actually has something like a 'create debit card for this wallet' button. You can use that as many times as you like.
    May 12, 2016 of last year I packaged up a

    "Create #IBM Blockchain Software Defined Radio Financial Networks"[​IMG] I believe I can "Package up" a "Radix Software Defined Radio System" similar to

    "Blockstream Is Using Satellites to Beam Bitcoin Down to Earth"

    Aug 15, 2017 at 14:59 UTC by
    Alyssa Hertig

    I am new to Radix, but I can tell you ATMs of today allows for complete wireless ATM transactions!

    Is there a process or location of the Radix software to download for integration ?
  17. Karatekid

    Karatekid New Member

  18. Karatekid

    Karatekid New Member

    Hi Dan, I can operate a computer, at least at a basic level, and I am passionate! My nephew is a part of this and I respect and trust his instincts in this respect! So, what is my next step? Thank you.
  19. ChazzWozzer

    ChazzWozzer New Member

    Hey, I would love to get a peak into the future. Count me in!
  20. Taylor

    Taylor New Member

    Hello, I have been following the IOTA project (and I will continue) but today I found this one that made me focus on it. I don´t have skills in IT. Completely NOOB. I struggle a little bit in english. I can understand everything written but my writtings skills are ... well, you can see by yourself.

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