Request access to closed beta tests

Discussion in 'Development' started by Fuserleer, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. dpc123

    dpc123 New Member

    Longtime listener. I'd love to test the beta if a new round opens up.
  2. Apex

    Apex Full Member

    Are there any more closed betas or do we have to wait until the open beta?
  3. x0rcist

    x0rcist Beta Testers


    I remember testing one of the old beta's . Would be great to try again how far it evolved!

  4. MegaWind

    MegaWind New Member

    Hi - very excited about what you are building here, and would love to be involved in any beta testing as needed. I am a former MSFT developer (Office, C++) and Program Manager with a degree in Finance. I work in C# currently.
  5. j0kercito

    j0kercito New Member

    Greetings from Spain.

    It's really exciting to see how the project has evolved since I knew about eMunie two or three years ago.

    I'll be more than happy to be part of the beta. I've been a developer for more than 20 years, also dealing with Linux sysadmin. Currently using OSX for working (to deal with iOS stuff mainly), but running a Linux at home, so it will be nice to be able to test clients in other platform than Windows... and if not available, let's check how does it works in a virtual machine.
  6. Snail2

    Snail2 Beta Testers

    I would be also happy to catch up.
  7. TheFifty9Sound

    TheFifty9Sound New Member

    I just read everything I could find on the internet about this project and it sounds great. I'm a digital project manager / QA for a small software dev company and I'd love to participate in the beta.
  8. Pupaflex

    Pupaflex New Member

    Digesting everything I can on this project and loving everything so far. I'm Not technical, but love the ideology behind it. Would love to beta test if possible
  9. ruphus

    ruphus Beta Testers

    I was a beta tester back in 2014? (I think it was) and was so excited about eMunie's potential. Have been out of the crypto game pretty much since then but have recently had my interest renewed. After a lil research I see it's still mostly pump and dump get rich quick bull twang, so was so delighted to see Dan was still working on this. Not sure if there is still betas, but I'd love to help out on one if you need. Otherwise I'm just super excited to get behind this project.
  10. fyyt

    fyyt a beta tester

    an open beta is planned in the near future, sit tight, keep your ears open
  11. Serg

    Serg New Member

    Hi, Dan! I would like to participate in the beta. I'm learning to use Linux (in particular Antergos) and would like to see how the wallet will work there.
  12. hefty

    hefty New Member

    This is my first post here so Hi to everyone, i would love to learn how to setup nodes and gateways and test them out and be ready when this game changing project start.
    After reading about Radix and learning what it will able to do, i am surprised that millions of people are not already behind it.
  13. CCCOOO

    CCCOOO New Member

    Hi, Anima has recommended me to participate.
    I would be also happy to participate in the beta.
  14. Dark

    Dark New Member

    I'm also interested in any remaining beta opportunities :)

    I have a few beefy servers that can run nodes etc
  15. xtc0r

    xtc0r New Member

    I would also like to join the beta. I'm a bitcoin and altcoin veteran. Possibility to host full node with 200Mbit/s
  16. CryptoMomma

    CryptoMomma New Member

    Can I test too? I'm one of the people who will use this with no experience of anything crypto, but, I have fallen in love with the idea :)
    If I can help in anyway, let me know.
  17. enkayz

    enkayz New Member

    I'll join in the beta for sure. I run mining pools and various crypto services; doing a 'radix node' would be cool.

    I've got lots of 100mbit+ links around the world with good resources behind 'em, so hit me up..
  18. HjalmarBromwich

    HjalmarBromwich New Member

    I would also like to announce my interest in joining the beta. I have four computers which I can dedicate to run Radix services. Granted, the computers are old and the hardware is pretty bad, but from what I understand it should be possible to run the software on not-so-powerful machines.
  19. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    Older hardware can be used.. usually, its the internet bandwidth thats limiting.
  20. Rantakemisti

    Rantakemisti New Member

    I would like to be in the beta as well, just like everyone else. ;)

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