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Discussion in 'Development' started by Fuserleer, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. notaboutdave

    notaboutdave New Member

    Hi Dan,

    I'm a full stack developer interested in helping test the network. Could you send me beta access?


  2. Peachy

    Peachy Founders Staff Member

    Will do once beta testing begins (along with notification to everyone else) ;)
  3. hans0r

    hans0r New Member


    I can provide some computing power in nodes when beta testing begins! If you are interested.
  4. Amitay Molko

    Amitay Molko New Member

    Hey guys,

    I would also like to be part of the beta.
    I've been researching DLT tech for some time now, and am always looking for the next revolutionary player in the field.
    I'm a full stack with some experience in blockchain coding (mostly ethereum smart contracts).
    I also do a little pen testing for smart contracts and sites (mostly icos)

    I am very interested in the implementation of radix and want to see if it really is the next big thing :)

  5. Olá gostaria de participar da equipe do testador beta. Eu farei o meu melhor para testar todas as vulnerabilidades da moeda
  6. bulanula

    bulanula Dedicated Supporters

    Hi guys,

    Have been silently following this project since 2013 and was part of the original Emunie forum back in the days :)

    Unfortunately I have been quite busy finishing university (proud owner of a MSc in Information Security from UCL with Distinction) for the last couple of years but now that's finished successfully, I'm working as a Security Analyst at a trading firm in the City of London and quite keen on beta testing Radix.

    I plan to set up a full node on a 1 Gbps down / 500 Mbps up connection to help setup the initial network. I'm hoping to go full out with Intel Optane SSDs and a Ryzen dual CPU motherboard. I might be able to setup 3 such full nodes, maybe even 4 if time allows.

    I love that you haven't demanded $ through an ICO / IPO and that you have patiently worked all these years trying to constantly improve on what possible in order to devise a solution which is scalable, fast, fair and much more energy efficient than existing systems so I'm very excited to see how Radix will develop.

    Look forward to reading the economics whitepaper and participating in the beta, if possible, thanks.

    Best regards,

  7. rocked18

    rocked18 New Member

    Hey, would love to set up a node when its open to test.
    I've run a bitcoin and Ether node in the past.
    Web dev with sys admin experience.
    Got solid connections and hardware ready.

    Looking forward to this.

  8. TotalDuck

    TotalDuck New Member

    I would like to take part in the beta test.

    I'm a Games Developer with programming experience in various languages, mostly C# and C++, I have a good understanding how software is built and how it breaks and will be happy to report on these things during the beta.

  9. tabone

    tabone New Member

    Hi there! Huge fan of DAG technology and a full-stack web developer running nodes for other coins right now. Would love to be part of the beta.
  10. Zach Smith

    Zach Smith New Member

    Hi. I'm a security researcher in Europe, hoping to take part in the beta and learn more about the system. Thank you.
  11. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    Hi everyone!

    Just for your information.

    Radix appreciates the interest in becoming a beta tester. We are currently doing internal tests for which public beta testers are not needed. As such, the process of becoming one is a bit more of a waiting game until it becomes relevant again.

    You are of course welcome to state your interest here, but please be patient.

    Edit: there will be more beta testers in the future. Its just not needed at the moment.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  12. Sanbit

    Sanbit Beta Testers

    Registered as beta tester as from 2013, put me in the loop please...
  13. djiti

    djiti New Member


    Аt the moment I am a student and I study computer systems and technology.
    I'd like to be a beta tester if possible.
    I have no experience with this, to be a beta tester but i will be glad if I can help with something besides, there's a first time for everything.
  14. Mirco Richter

    Mirco Richter New Member


    - I would like to be a beta tester and run a node, once it is needed.
    - I'm a mathematician with focus on lattice based cryptography and code verification via Coq et al.
    - Live in Berlin Germany and strong focus on decentralized Crypto Currencies
  15. oren

    oren New Member

    I will be happy to be a beta test, I have experience in C/++ and python, mostly in Linux (Mac) but I also know windows.
  16. Leon005

    Leon005 New Member

    Hello, would really like to get notified for beta tests, currently studying network security.
  17. mammon5000

    mammon5000 New Member

    If at any point you are short on gradmas to test the real life part of radix count me in :)

    As skills , i enjoy breaking down an algorithm to understand the logic behind it so i can find ways to exploit the finiahed product old school style.

    Beyond algorithms my skills are 0.
  18. stoner19

    stoner19 New Member

    I know you guys already stated that public beta will be announced when the time is right, but I just wanted to drop a note here expressing my interest in participating.
  19. Rick O

    Rick O New Member

    Yes. I too would like to be on the list. I represent a very active dev team. We program primarily in PHP because the platform for which we develop is written in PHP. We are working on a system to facilitate inter-store wholesale transactions.

    Thanks for your work! It looks brilliant.

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