Request access to closed beta tests

Discussion in 'Development' started by Fuserleer, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Nebula

    Nebula New Member

    Hope to join your testing activities!
  2. koebe23

    koebe23 New Member

    I'm signed up for the newsletter but wanted to make sure, if it's at all possible, that I'm included in the next beta test.
  3. mohan rao

    mohan rao New Member

    I run two web startups here in India. Would like to partner/invest/test/run a node as soon as made available. Thanks.
  4. Alex Gierczyk

    Alex Gierczyk New Member


    I'm a serial entrepreneur, having started multiple eCommerce businesses, SaaS and more. I would love to beta test :)
  5. Alphadog

    Alphadog New Member

    Would love to beta test as well.
  6. TheAccountant

    TheAccountant New Member

    Hello !

    I'm a UK based accountant with my own tech focused accounting & BPO business. We specialise in implementing automated accounting using EDI and custom built developments in SQL. I would be delighted to join a beta test and kick the tyres on your project !
  7. amirali0011

    amirali0011 New Member


    I've been following radix (emunie) for a few years now and came to the Manchester presentation a year or so ago to check out the progress Dan and his team has been making. If you're still looking for beta testers, I'd happily join!
  8. mehdiRdx

    mehdiRdx New Member

    Hey I'm involve in some blockchain/crypto project in Paris and will be pleased to participate to beta testing. Best
  9. wallfacer

    wallfacer New Member

    I own a blockchain development company in the US and I am quite interested in joining any beta testing so that my team can evaluate the platform and participate in its growth.
  10. Zom iis

    Zom iis New Member

    Myself: working as a software developer, qa, devops and load test on world's largest IOT device company.
    Would love to contribute.
  11. Tran Dinh Cuong

    Tran Dinh Cuong New Member

    I'm former network administrator for a medium company. Hope I am enlisted
  12. Villjam

    Villjam New Member

    Please, sign me up. Fast connection with low latency located in Stockholm, Sweden. Have been beta testing a lot of software and will contribute as much as I can.
  13. Rob Mynard

    Rob Mynard New Member

    Hey hey, I don't have any software skills as such (other than some simple CSS web design) but I am passionate about being part of shaping the future and I know how to complain about bad UX, if that helps.
  14. Regnar

    Regnar New Member

    I don't have any software skills, I am in school for economics, have been messing around in crypto for a couple years. Met Dan at CoinfestUK last year and been following Radix since. I will have a low budget laptop to dedicate as a node 24/7, which could give us a wider range of how effective low budget hardware is at being a node ;P
    I'd love to be a beta tester. let me know.
  15. fishbulb

    fishbulb New Member

    I would love to join the beta program. I have very little programming experience, don't know if that matters, but have been in the crypto scene since 2013 and have a fair bit of experience with other coins and their software. I am interested in setting my computer as a node as well as testing the network as a user.
  16. VZXTC

    VZXTC New Member

    Please, sign me up. I would love to join the beta testing program.
  17. wizkid

    wizkid New Member

    I would love to help. I'm a Linux / Unix admin at a large Financial company. Please sign me up as well.
  18. jonthalpy

    jonthalpy New Member


    I just recently learned about this project and I'm interested in participating. I'm a computational scientist with extensive Linux/Unix experience and have contributed to a few open source projects. I have a VPS with a lot of bandwidth I'd love setting up a node on.
  19. jouels

    jouels New Member

    A friend of mine who heard about you guys back in dawn of the crypto era directed me here.
    I have read the whitepapers and most of the forum posts and I am interested in participating (beta and after).
    Please sign me up.
    I am a full-stack programmer, currently working in front end and Android.
  20. Ahmed Ibrahim

    Ahmed Ibrahim New Member

    Hello, I am Ahmed from Iraq, I would love to join the beta testing program.

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