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Discussion in 'Development' started by Fuserleer, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    In light of a few posts recently on the forum, where members that do not currently have access to the closed beta test are expressing a bit of frustration, I've decided to open this possibility back up.

    If you would like to get access to the closed beta tests, make a post in here, and include a bit of blurb with regard to any skills you have (JustinV I saw your thread already :) ) so that we know who can help with what, and we'll get you in.

    Why don't I just use the old thread you ask? Well that's quite old now and a lot of the users that posted in there no longer come on here for some time, and to go through all of them one by one adding them to the beta group when they might never come back is a waste of time.

    As always thanks for the support you all show.

    PS: If you can operate a computer even at a basic level that is all the skill you need! Only other requirement is some passion about this project :)
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  2. danisapfirov

    danisapfirov Beta Testers

    Hi Dan,

    Would like to be eMunie beter tester.
    I am software developer, beta tester and provide application support for fleet management software.
    Have servers located in Sofia, Bulgaria where I plan to deploy eMunie when it's ready to be online 24/7.

    email: [email protected]
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  3. Don Jon

    Don Jon Beta Testers

    i like to break things, does that count?
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  4. Marakanito

    Marakanito Beta Testers

    Hello, Dan! I have been software developer since I was born. I like to find bugs in my software. Waiting to be beta tester from january.
    I hope I can help the community.
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  5. junsha

    junsha Beta Testers

    I also would like to help. I'm a projecct manager for embeded software development. And I have testing skills.
    Should beta testers share some test angle/viewpoints and some basic test cases? of cause testers should also do free tests.
  6. Don Jon

    Don Jon Beta Testers

    Any updates on this?
  7. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    adding you guys in tonight :)
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  8. Don Jon

    Don Jon Beta Testers

    thanks dan :)
  9. fthomas

    fthomas Beta Testers

    Hi, i also would like to help in beta test, but have no special skills in software development.
  10. richard2012

    richard2012 Beta Testers

    would love to be part, but don't have any software/programming skills. Did some testing and feedback suggestions to IT team to build company sales tools... not sure if that qualifies
  11. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    you already are a beta tester dude, have been for ages :p
  12. justinV

    justinV Beta Testers

    you mentioned me in your first post, but i haven't been added yet. Would love to be official beta tester pls.
  13. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    See under your name, it says Beta Testers ;) You were the first.

    You should be able to see the Beta forum on the main forum page and also have access to chat in the top menu now
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  14. WarEqualsRacket

    WarEqualsRacket Beta Testers

    LOL .. thought beta and closed beta are different .. it was early in the morning xD
  15. gbcholgi

    gbcholgi Beta Testers

    Hi Dan, thx for possibility to gain access to the closed beta.

    I am a Tourism Project Manager in Germany. In my opinion Emunie could solve several existing problems in this "industry". Also it could be a new instrument for mini crowdfunding projects. I have several ideas for the tourism industry (direct booking with emunie as decentralized marketplace with a much smaller fee than f.e. our existent booking engine). We need a new :)
    So would love to join this projekt as beta tester.
  16. lovely89

    lovely89 Beta Testers

    Hello Dan.
    I hope you are still accepting beta testers. I put my name down 7 months ago but no luck. I'm technically a SAP developer at work, but just finished uni, so still a beginner and I'm looking into Cryptocurrencies on the side for now.

    I've been following and fill in friends, family and twitter peeps on updates here.

  17. gbcholgi

    gbcholgi Beta Testers

    Any updates? Or is Dan still sick?
  18. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    I'm not sick anymore thankfully and working on the next version atm.

    This probably wont be ready until the weekend earliest, at which point I'll pull you guys into the testing :)
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  19. keepwalking1234

    keepwalking1234 Beta Testers

    take me in.

  20. richard2012

    richard2012 Beta Testers

    Any news if we are in or out?


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