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Discussion in 'General' started by Fuserleer, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. chrome

    chrome New Member

    You need to use your mailing list more! Only just discovered the white paper is out. Will give it a read tonight :)
  2. pastet89

    pastet89 New Member

    I'm so excited, can't wait to see it live!! This project really blows away ETH. :cool:

    Dan, when do we launch? Obviously the plan from New Year is off track - would you please post a new time schedule for what is rest to be done and when we launch? I am just trying my best to check the forums regularly but it seems to me that the users outside the testers that contact you have not idea where are we. It would be great for all the community if we have a new schedule.
    Thank you! :)
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  3. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    Lots of stuff happens behind the scenes. Good progress, most under the hood that will not be directly visible.

    We've done extensive testing, running 300-500 tps sustained with a ledger size of 160+ million tx.

    Deadlines for launch is discussed on our mattermost channel. Plan on the forum is indeed not up to date and some activities have been pushed further away and some have been taken care of "prematurely" so to say. We are still good overall.
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  4. pastet89

    pastet89 New Member

    Thank you! Would you please provide me with a link to your mattermost channel so I can keep track on things there?
  5. chrome

    chrome New Member

    The test via the explorer is looking good. How will we be able to get involved and purchase the Radix when it goes live?
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  6. Peachy

    Peachy Founders Staff Member

    Purchases will be made available at go live (or rather the Big Bang since it will be a "universe" implementation) from within the client itself.

    Expect to hear more about those details on the forum once we have an Open Beta available for you to test.
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  7. chrome

    chrome New Member

    Cheers Peachy.
  8. Marshal Jayason

    Marshal Jayason New Member

    Can I get a link to the mattermost channel please ?
  9. Marshal Jayason

    Marshal Jayason New Member

    On the whitepaper it says, Tempo relies heavily on eventual consistency to achieve a total ordering of events.

    How does it work for Transfer atoms ? It is payment and it has to be atomic and consistent to reflect integrity.
  10. koebe23

    koebe23 New Member

    What is the thought on the Lightning Network - why doesn't the Radix team think that will solve BTC's scalability issues? Same question for Sharding for ETH? Have a friend that's interested in Radix but don't have a good answer for him as to why Radix is superior concerning scability.
  11. Jazzer

    Jazzer The Dutch connection Staff Member

    Lightning network essentially takes transactions off the main chain. That will solve your scalability issues, but not in the way that we want: straight on the distributed ledger. The underlying tech with BTC is still limited (blockchain with PoW). It's slow whenever you need the main chain, and already uses more electricity than Ireland. Is that the future?

    Sharding will solve ETH (and who knows maybe even some future BTC spin-off) scalability issues. But not with the same features and speed that we have. Retrofitting sharding is very hard to do and even if they manage will lead to an inferior solution to Radix because the underlying tech is still blockchain. When the foundation isn't right, don't build too tall a house!
  12. janheski

    janheski New Member

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to radix but read white paper and saw few points as inconsistent , mostly what Iou already raised as issues.

    Happy to read again updated white paper, so would be great if newsletter would let us know once it's ready for review. Currently official document (whitepaper) states this tech is not good, so can't treat it as it is good, even though testing or something states it's good. No theoretical evidence - so not good.
  13. Mirco Richter

    Mirco Richter New Member

    I really can't wait to temper with the clocks in your client. We discussed your paper at the University the last week. You basically claimed, that you have found another solution to the problem of the Byzantine Generals, i.e. develloped a Byzantine fault tolerance system, which comes without the restrictions of a heavy PoW.

    Mathematically speaking that would be a huge deal and will certainly lead to big honor and prices in the community ... if true.

    Can I assume that by "open beta phase" you mean a phase where beta testers have access to the source code and therefore can write their own clients to temper with the system and search for weakness and bugs?

    In that case you should call me in for this open beta phase. Me and my colleagues are eager to see how your solution is designed and whether or not it is really a claimed solution, that other mathematicians all over the world where unanable to find for decades.

    I really hope so, but (of course) I'm skeptical.
  14. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    Open beta means that it is available for everyone to test it, not just the beta testers. Source code will not be available.
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  15. Mirco Richter

    Mirco Richter New Member

    When will the source code be available then? I hope previous to the actual lauch.
    Or do you plan to keep this properitary? (Which is of course against all that jazz about decentralisation, if the source is a central secret)

    Or do you mean that the source code of the client is properitary, but the protocoll is open, such that everyone can build their own clients. Obviously no one can seriously trust in a closed client and people will reverse engineer it anyway, considerimg the strong mathematical claims of the project)
  16. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    My understanding is that it will be closed source for some time after launch until it gets a good market share, to protect it from clones.
  17. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    See the FAQ:

    Is Radix open-source?
    ”No, Radix is not open-source yet. It will be open-sourced to support further development of the Radix Public Network in the future. Private deployments will be licensed. Additionally, we are actively working with individuals and institutions to audit and peer-review the code.”

    How do I download and store the Radix Tokens?
    ”Initially Radix will provide a simple, open source wallet for storing your Radix tokens. This will also be available as a development platform for 3rd party developers to build their own versions.”

    Also se the section "Patent" in the FAQ.
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  18. Mirco Richter

    Mirco Richter New Member

    Ah ok. Who are these institutions you are working with?

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