Radix needs a credit card update

Discussion in 'General' started by Rad-voyage, Dec 30, 2017.

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    Thanks for sharing.
    The Fuze card looks slick and definitely has pros, but it also has some cons as well (just like any card does).


    -NFC vs chip/dip looks cool, but I'm old school and don't want to have to foil-protect (Faraday cage) my leather wallet from someone scanning my ass (where my wallet is) and taking my funds.

    -Battery lasts about a month and needs to be recharged regularly. Great, yet another thing to have to charge up before I leave home. If not, that could make for some odd negotiations on a date: "Honey, do you have any money? My wallet just died" LOL

    -Remote wiping/deleting does look cool, but I'm not too concerned with that as I'd never put more on the card than I expect to spend while out. Why put more than you need when you can load it up at home when needed in seconds.

    Just my random thoughts.
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    I definitely agree with you about not liking NFC and not wanting to worry about having to charge the card up before going out. But a similar recharge problem would apply to having to "reload" the card with the right amount of RDX before I leave the house. What if the dinner costs more than expected, or we want to go shopping afterward? Using a pre-loaded card isn't quite the same as a credit card.
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    Top it up from your phone perhaps? :-D

    Takes about 200ms currently haha (ignoring getting phone out etc)
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