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Discussion in 'General' started by Anima, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    Hi everybody!

    Following sharing of the telegram group link (https://t.me/radixDLT) on the mailing list, we are seeing a growth in amount of members, some even coming from other T-groups. Over the course of december, we've effectively 10x the group.

    Telegram, however, is not a good platform to answer questions, since everything is mixed into a single pot. Consequence is alot of repeat questions and people becoming confused. Simply, its too unstructured.

    This got me thinking - why not start doing some meetups in 2018?

    Obviously, meetups in Britain is likely due to Radix being UK based. However, there is also founders located elsewhere. Personally, i could arrange in Denmark and possibly Singapore (I travel with 9-17 work).

    Anyone got interest? - and if so, got any recommendations to log the interest to see where we should concentrate efforts (West coast USA, East coast US, Midwest US, UK, Denmark, Singapore....?)

    Lastly, do note that UK founder IanMac is already planning some meetups in UK. This was the latest one IIRC https://www.meetup.com/Worthing-Cry...nts/245405527/?_cookie-check=wLZcCkQH4dhEHVio .
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  2. Timb

    Timb Beta Testers

    I'll come to the eventual Australian meetup. One day... :p
  3. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    Certainly a good idea....keeping the message clear is quite hard in the Telegram group (and other places).

    Thankfully we have a Community manager starting soon, but I'm pretty sure that answering those same questions over and over will take its toll on him hehe!

    I'd be happy to attend a few UK ones, and maybe EU time allowing...we can film it, then use that as a kind of FAQ
  4. nrek

    nrek New Member

    Sign up for west coast USA, especially sillicon valley or san francisco
  5. pastet89

    pastet89 New Member

    Great idea!

    I was by chance in London last week and was passionate to meet you guys.

    I visited the office and called Dan, Robert and Piers, but seems you were outside.

    I left a small note and a candies box for you, hope you got them.

    Please, keep up the good work. BTW I love your working environment. The WeWork office is just amazing.

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  6. Mirco Richter

    Mirco Richter New Member

    Hi, I live in Berlin - Germany and there is a lot going on here with MeetUps in respect to other Cryptocurrencies. There is even an app called "MeetUp" (not just for Berlin), where you can organize these kind of events publically, IF yo want to get attention from outside.

    In any case if there is interest to meet here in Berlin, just PM me or whatever...
  7. saulve

    saulve New Member

    I'd be interested in joining one of the meetups in UK. Are they all London-based? Also I've noticed that you went to London Blockchain week conference recently. Are you planning on attending any other conferences in the UK in the near future?

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