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  1. koebe23

    koebe23 New Member

    Yeah I'm in complete agreement. Too many of these ICOs are getting way too much money way too early in the life of their business. Have a mature, proven business that has potential to add value and distribute it back to coinholders rather than just hoping that speculation and good communication will keep coinholders happy. If radix is legitimate, this is a company in its infancy that will become huge when IoT and scaling become big issues in 2 years.
  2. orange399

    orange399 New Member

    so when can I invest in Radix, a rough timeline, anyone?
  3. Xu Li

    Xu Li New Member

    so for the initial contributors, if we could drive the price higher, based on the elastic supply mechanism, we'll be able to get more coins or Radix??
  4. Xu Li

    Xu Li New Member

    Could the team borad announce the draft economics of Radix issuing now?
  5. pool

    pool New Member

    Are you investing contributions into other crypto currencies?
  6. nik

    nik New Member

    Late reply .. I wanted to wait and read the economics paper before replying. It has not been published yet or has it?

    Maybe my question can be answered in short anyway.

    As far as I understand the economics model the first guy to buy RDX from the DEX then would get a portion of every RDX that will be created by the system after this first trade. I guess that is not how it is going to work since in that scenario that first guy would be greatly rewarded just for being first. Maybe someone can explain how this situation would be avoided?
  7. Lloyd

    Lloyd Founders Staff Member

    At this point funding rounds are completed. So, for those who buy RDX after the launch on day 1, those funds will have to mature for a few period(like 3 or 4) before they start receiving interest payment on their RDX balances. Only during those initial 3-4 periods will the genesis atom balance holders have an advantage. After the Day 1 holder balances mature through those initial periods, everyone's boat will rise together.

    Hope this helps clarify this a bit.
  8. Chugs1

    Chugs1 New Member

    No it doesn't clarify anything. It only muddies the waters. There are previous postings here about funding to be made available and you now say it has passed. It never was offered to pass. Previous comments on here said that new funding rounds were to be made available and now they are not? I'm calling BS.
  9. tadkis

    tadkis Beta Testers

    We use Day 1 and funding interchangable some times. Early funding for development was some time ago and there is no plans to do anymore
  10. nik

    nik New Member

    Ok, as far as I understand it there were some funding rounds in the past and the people who participated will get their RDX before "day 1", correct? Let's call them pool A. Everyone else can buy after "day 1" = pool B.
    Pool A will get interest payments from "day 1" and pool B only after 3 or 4 periods. Can you tell us more about those periods? How long is such a period?

    Something is still not clear to me:
    Assuming the following Bob buys some RDX from the DEX in period 1. Alice does the same in period 2. Does the interest payment resulting from Alices trade go to pool A or does Bob get his share of the interest payment in period 4 or 5 (after the initial periods)?
  11. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    It was clearly stated that any public rounds would be announced, but it was also stated that an ICO was maybe not needed at all in order to get to launch. We went with the no ico road. There's nothing to call BS over.
  12. Laszlo Molnarfi

    Laszlo Molnarfi New Member

    I have a question, don't know whether this has been answered before:

    What is the incentive for people to invest in Radix if the price is pegged (relatively stable)? For example, they buy in the ICO, and after the coin gets released : the price stays the same, since it is made to be stable. Is it cheaper in the ICO?
  13. Peachy

    Peachy Founders Staff Member

    Gonna repeat this as it's worth repeating:

    There are 2 levers in any currency or commodity: price and quantity

    If I have a Qty 2 of something that are $1/each then my portfolio value = $2

    That's the same as if I had Qty 1 of something priced at $2/each.

    With Bitcoin and pretty much all fixed-supply (i.e. quantity) coins you are dealing with the "price" lever to reflect portfolio value and growth.

    With Radix the quantity expands while the price lever stays (fairly) flat.

    Thus, as new supply gets added to your wallet your portfolio value increases. Therefore, the incentive would be to get into the system earlier during the growth curve so that you can increase the quantity you receive as inflation happens.
  14. Laszlo Molnarfi

    Laszlo Molnarfi New Member

    Thanks! Sounds great.
  15. kindregards

    kindregards New Member

    is there anything the token holders need to do to increase the quantity i.e host a node, store it in specific wallet or lend the funds out or is it all done automatically?
  16. Peachy

    Peachy Founders Staff Member

    Nope. It's all done automatically. You don't even have to have the client running for the interest to accrue. Just like you don't have to do anything with the money in your normal bank account to get "interest" (which is what it is called when the payment arrives each period).

    Say you have funds in a wallet and take that wallet offline for several weeks/months/years. Once you bring it back online any pending interest payments will get immediately deposited into it from all prior periods of payouts.

    There are, however, other ways to "earn" money within the system by running and supporting additional services:
    DEX - Distributed EXchange
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  17. gorush

    gorush Member

    is it possible to buy the radix coin with fiat money? If yes how and where
  18. koebe23

    koebe23 New Member

    Peachy, is this earning planned in the future or are there ways to currently earn RAD? If so, could you provide instructions on how I could go about earning as much RAD as quickly as possible.
  19. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    No, Radix has not been launched yet. Public network will be launched in 2018.
    You can join the mailing list for updates.
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  20. LLANGG

    LLANGG New Member

    Hi everyone

    Been following emunie loosely back in the days and reading silently here for a while.
    If beta testers are wanted, I would love to contribute:)

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