Radix elastic supply model

Discussion in 'General' started by Alfred Duler, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    We need graphs! :)
  2. CryptoMomma

    CryptoMomma New Member

    We just need a story that shows us how it works. All the math models mean nothing to me unfortunately. If I buy 100 RDX I want to know what I can buy with it, how I can support the system and earn interest. That will do for me to start with. I'm building a blog for crypto virgins and want to be able to explain why Radix is better than the usual run of the mill ICOs and currencies. I'm inviting people to join me on my journey. I already have personal knowledge of how not to do it, even though the people concerned are working hard.
    So having a concrete example of something worthwhile would be great!
  3. Exxo

    Exxo New Member

    This is an excellent offer!
  4. Rad-voyage

    Rad-voyage Member

    yes this is a very important topic but must be brought into real world uses and so people can compare it with the fiat system we have today and also the various ICO and crypto systems.

    BTC had its release plan on its distribution, NXT had its own, Some coin release plans are just crazy or favor the devs or founders too much and this swings both ways.

    Overall it seems a problem that only having one coin... tends to be deflationary.. No one wants to use it in life becasue its value is increasing. So they hord it as it is worth more next year.

    Another idea is to have two coins. One that is finite and deflationary. The second inflationary and so promotes spending and rapid use in the system.

    Like a MainCoin and a TimeCoin.

    The MainCoin has a distribution limit.

    The TimeCoin infinite.

    For every 12 hour period you hold a MainCoin you receive a TimeCoin.

    There can be a market between these two coins to establish value but the spread widens pretty fast.

    Timecoins are spent now and fast on transactions and micropayments.

    MainCoins are spent on larger items higher value and sometimes just horded.

    These are just my general thoughts on the current situation on tokens and some economic considerations in the crypto space.
  5. Alfred Duler

    Alfred Duler Beta Testers

    ok after a few discussions with other members during these end of year celebrations,
    this is what we could gather. This projection is before economic white paper pops out, maybe it will be different then.

    ROI formula for interests on holdings. NOT on nodes earnings or Radix price fluctuation.

    y = (log(aimed market cap/initial supply))/(log(2))
    so if initial supply is (lets guess) at estimated 25 million you'll get

    y = (log(x/25000000))/(log(2))

    marketcap in B and its roi factor on your holdings
    1: x5,3
    5: x7,6
    10: x8,6

    Now lets see how economic white paper confirm or not.
    Seems like if 1B market cap occurs in one day you'll have a bit more ROI than if it occurs in 1 year as there will be less economic periods made by the elastic supply. to be confirmed.
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  6. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    I'd encourage no speculation to be made before economic WP is out.
  7. Alfred Duler

    Alfred Duler Beta Testers

    good idea. as a reminder, "This projection is before economic white paper pops out"
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  8. trescuernos

    trescuernos Beta Testers

    Yeah, we know it isn't set on stone... And too many variables to make predictions. What's about if the demand is not covered with the new supply? What's about if there are oversold peaks between overbought ones? In my humble opinion, making graphs now it's a waste of time. Could be a frustration... or to fall short.

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