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    I assume that this will be a full exchange.

    With Pegged tokens to all the major Fiat

    Will these be tokens or the actual crypto coin itself?


    There is a feature in Komodo that is novel and perhaps could be implemented in the DEX..


    I can do a simple trade and place a buy order 1btc to buy Nxt at price 0.000017btc

    If it gets filled i have 1btc worth of Nxt


    If i do an advanced trade and place a buy order 1btc to buy Nxt, Ard, IOTA and Eth at given prices.

    and as the first trade gets met then the other orders are canceled. ( multiple possibilities trade )

    So i use 1btc for multiple potential trades. Perhaps the first accepted trade was 1/2btc at the Ard price and so i have 1/2btc left and then the Eth trade takes the rest. So the Nxt and IOTA trades are canceled at that point.

    This is a method to allow more freedom and choice and maximum use of my BTC and increases initial liquidity as many people will then have many many open orders across many markets in the exchange.
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    The system is flexible enough to allow for pretty much any currency pair (or asset pair). We'll probably establish the major ones at first and then add others as needed, but it can handle pretty much anything to be exchange (currency, stocks, commodities...etc) as long as there is a market for them (e.g. buyers/sellers).
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