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Discussion in 'Media' started by Rad-voyage, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Rad-voyage

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    Media articles, Script writing, video production, iterative website,

    Story boarding and animations of coin platform features and future proposed use cases.

    Leveraging all the social media avenues.

    Bootstrap to other industries, use of their talent etc etc.

    I hope the ICO coming soon really places a chunk of the monies raised into these aspects.

    Find the best online, media, animations studio and get the full package, release the produced production material over the next years.

    ETH is really the only platform that did a large focus on marketing.
  2. Rad-voyage

    Rad-voyage Member

    Something like this communicates so well and is so easy to promote..

    Who makes Mikes videos?

  3. Rickard

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  4. Rad-voyage

    Rad-voyage Member

    yes great, and i saw the videos here.

    I am of the mind that there can be fast emotional dynamic videos but also fact filled ones.

    The crypto geek crowd investigating platforms and technology need all their questions answered and new data added on top.

    When i find a platform i like, I find the dev, go to all the posts he/she has ever done on BTC Talk forum and read them from first post to last... Try that with the skycoin dev, Oh boy...

    But i like the vast amount of information and the history and development procedure that this insight offers.

    But how to place all that into a 10 minute animation video?

    I would suggest making hundreds of videos covering all aspects of crypto - money - economics - trustless - ledger - socio - governance - anonymity - use cases - iot - etc etc.
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    F1 sponsorship... :)

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