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Discussion in 'General' started by Gedke, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Collett

    Collett Beta Testers

    REM sounds too close to RIM to me which is almost as bad as calling it DIX :D

    If RDX is chosen then surely the consumer brand will have to be Radix. And I thought Dan didn't want the consumer brand name and the tech brand name to be the same?
  2. Pizza

    Pizza I liket the pizza nomnom

    Also are we looking for the name of the Token or the Abbreviation of the token? People seem to just be listing abbreviations.
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  3. Gedke

    Gedke Beta Testers

    GetGems is using GEMZ, so we could choose GEM (plural GEMS). Anyway as we discussed in the past, our target isn't the crypto world. Same for RAD, should not care if we like the name.
    I like RDX and used RDX over RAD here, it is fine for an abbreviation of Radix, but not the name of the token itself. ETH is Ether.
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  4. Pizza

    Pizza I liket the pizza nomnom

    GEM's would be good, has some sort of monetary/value induced meaning
  5. dpc123

    dpc123 New Member

    I like RDX as well. Radix really isn't a bad consumer brand name. Keep it simple.
  6. scoot

    scoot Beta Testers

    I have to vote for RDX over EMU as well. That would just add confusion to the general public later on.
  7. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    Maybe we should have an initial vote and throw in some of the suggestions and also "Other"

    If Other has the majority then we go back to the drawing board what do you guys think?

    A consumer targeted roll out is at least 6 months away, if not the mean time we need something to call the base currency while we roll up.

    Can build in the ability to change the name of the base currency ONCE in the client via a master asset key, so that when we have decided on consumer branding etc, we can pivot to that name.
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  8. Pizza

    Pizza I liket the pizza nomnom

    Wait 6 months away? Didn't you say the ICO is for the Consumer product? We're not launching after the ICO?
  9. promagma

    promagma New Member

    Definitely needs a good "street" name. If the tech name is different, it should still be pretty similar.

    One thumb up for RDX and tech name like Radix global network
    Two thumbs up for GEM and tech name like or gemini network

    Also, I don't know if possible, but classical names are very cool... such as: talent, florin, crown, sovereign
  10. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    Consumer targeting is different to launch dude.

    Getting the consumer on board is all about marketing, but theres no way I'm going to focus on the consumer from day 1 of launch.

    There will be minor problems for sure, which even though minor, are a MASSIVE turn off for consumers.

    We need to ramp up to that nice and steady!
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  11. Pizza

    Pizza I liket the pizza nomnom

    Ohh misunderstood you said rollout so thought launch didn't know you were talking about marketing lol.
  12. Gedke

    Gedke Beta Testers

    GEM (Global Electronic Money) has the advantage that can be used somehow in the Radix "ecosystem" next to atoms, universe, if we think that our tokens are interstellar gems.
    Also Radix is using .global as domain name.

    RAX for example, it is more suited for an exchange or something similar, a component for the client.
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  13. rotane

    rotane Founders

    RAX is nice... From RAX to riches :D
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  14. Zeus

    Zeus Beta Testers

    RDX is the name of a powerful explosive . If Radix becomes successful all the millions of references to it in communications worldwide on a daily basis will cause intelligence agencies to go crazy. :)
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  15. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    Radix will have an explosive impact! :D
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  16. rotane

    rotane Founders

    I think that explosives link matches well :cool:
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  17. Gedke

    Gedke Beta Testers

    I don't think we want such an association:

    Terrorists prefer using C4 and RDX because they are highly explosive and very powerful
    - Saudi terrorism expert

    We don't want our token associated with terrorism, people are killed using RDX, very sensitive these days

    Middle East (U//LES) The use of suicide belts and vests by terrorist groups in the Middle East, particularly Sunni Salafist jihadi extremists, is a common and effective tactic for causing death and destruction. Common explosive fills of suicide belts and vests observed in the region include triacetone triperoxide (TATP), trinitrotoluene (TNT), Semtex, C4, Research Development Formula X (RDX) etc
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  18. Ryan.a85

    Ryan.a85 Founders Staff Member

    If people are so sensitive then just don't use as a slogan. Doubt anyone will know RDX is an explosive, I didn't before Zeus post.

    Besides, it works great as a place holder until the commercial name is decided.
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  19. ulfarsgco

    ulfarsgco New Member

    Don't really like RDX as it is painful to say in a conversation or commercial exchange.
    But it can be a good marketing opportunity:
    let's say we start with RDX, once it just start being known worldwide, medias will surely do the link with the explosive (if not, just simply diffuse it on twitter/facebook and let the networks do its job ;) ). After few days of public agrument, we can say that we will change the name and make a public worldwide poll. Thus, people will know the money and being involved in it by choosing the name.
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  20. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

    Or use RDT (RaDix Token).

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