Mr.R00bs is joining us!

Discussion in 'Development' started by Fuserleer, May 31, 2017.

  1. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    I'm excited to announce that r00bs (a long standing forum member) is joining the development team from the start of June.

    R00bs is an incredibly capable and experienced Android developer with a ton of great apps under his belt.

    I'll let him post any examples of his previous work should he want to (promo? :) )

    He will be working in the London office full time and will be of course tasked with putting together our mobile clients.

    Welcome to the team officially r00bs! :)
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  2. tadkis

    tadkis Beta Testers

    Yeah! welcome to the team officially (he was undercover before ;) )
  3. Peachy

    Peachy Founders Staff Member

    Good times ahead! :)
    I've personally met with R00bs at our meeting in Manchester and can say with all honesty that he is an excellent addition to the team.

    Welcome to the party full time good buddy!
  4. Sharky

    Sharky Founders Staff Member

    Welcome! An Android developer was long overdue!
  5. trescuernos

    trescuernos Beta Testers

    Enhorabuena!!! Great man with great work in a great team... ;)
  6. kiaya

    kiaya Beta Testers

    Welcome R00bs! Great to see the team expanding :)
  7. r00bs

    r00bs Beta Testers

    Thank you, absolutely no pressure now...

    The work I will do will hopefully speak for itself and when I reach the point I am releasing my own Betas, I will be happy to listen to any suggestions, additions or ideas anybody may have. ;)
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  8. Jazzer

    Jazzer The Dutch connection Staff Member

    Yay, congrats @r00bs. Great news that the mobile client part is getting off the ground now!
  9. Donnie

    Donnie Beta Testers

    Welcome R00bs, it was about time to hire Android developer
  10. Mario

    Mario Beta Testers

    Welcome on board this spaceship!
  11. Hansen

    Hansen Founders Staff Member

    Welcome roobs! Great to have you in the team.
  12. Jazzer

    Jazzer The Dutch connection Staff Member

    By the way, I have an HTC One M9 if you need any test devices. It's got Android with the crappy HTC Sense top layer that I can't get rid of. Can't wait to play with Radix on my phone! :)
  13. Collett

    Collett Beta Testers

    I've also got a bunch of Android devices (HTC One M8, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S8, Amazon Fire HD) which I'd be willing to throw into the mix!
  14. r00bs

    r00bs Beta Testers

    When the time comes, the more devices we can test on the better. There are always odd little things that can occur where OEMs have tweaked Android in a little or older phones with old Android versions not behaving as they should though in recent times things have improved greatly and should hardly be an issue at all.
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  15. Cyg

    Cyg Beta Testers

    S7 reporting in :)
  16. Lloyd

    Lloyd Founders Staff Member

    original Note phone with Android 4.1.2 version
  17. trescuernos

    trescuernos Beta Testers

    Sony XZ & XZ premiun and ASUS Zenpad ;)
  18. junsha

    junsha Beta Testers

    Welcome R00bs!
    I personally think a phone wallet (APP) is even more important than a card.
    I'm from Shanghai, China. Here people use Alipay (Zhifubao) phone app. to pay very easily.
    And just one year ago, we usually use cash, some times credit cards.
    But now young people seldom use these (cash, cards),
    We can just take a mobile phone and live happily without taking any cash/creidt card.
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  19. Leon

    Leon Beta Testers

    Amazing news! Looking forward to see some mobile stuff! :)

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