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    There is a way to make zero rounds of initial distribution. You will need to implement gridder - system owned trade bot which uses decentralized exchange to sell and buy emunie at the same time. Income (fiat) from this tradebot may be spent to return BTC to founders and to support development. I have coded gridder in the past. One version of it, but where you can see general principle, may be seen in this video:

    I have traded at BTC-e exchange for a while to check principle of the bot. It gave stable income while BTC price was in the range between $630 and $900. With unlimited emunie supply the system can start this range from $0.

    Also I coded this bot for metatrader4 and used it on historical data of a pair NZD/USD. It generated stable income over time:


    The predicted income was about 4% per year for quite volatile pair NZD/USD. Therefore I abandoned the idea to develop gridder to make good profit. But this idea seems ideal to start distribution of emunie in the beginning.

    FYI, gridder is making income from volatility. It is like wave electrostation, the bigger waves, the bigger income. It does not care about current or future prices. The result of gridder work is price stabilization. As soon as volatility drops, gridder start to generate zero income. When you see that price stabilized, you may switch gridder off and allow system to stabilize price by itself.
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    Nice share!

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