How do you get points, and what do they mean?

Discussion in 'Meta' started by mebezac, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Fuserleer

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    yes, as its hopefully going to go global, will need some other language sections at some point, so seeing as you asked so nicely, you can have the spanish section :)
  2. Visin

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    I'm a dumb American and only know English (better than Dan's English language =X)

    I am glad you spoke up about the international stuff, that would be very cool to have a moderator that could manage that stuff for us.

  3. mebezac

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    How do you see which trophies you have unlocked? Maybe I'm just missing them.
  4. kr105

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  5. steganos

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    I am also really liking this forum and the features. What forum software are we using here?
  6. theblazehen

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    XenForo, see post 3
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  7. steganos

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  8. Lemming

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    I can be a mod for the Dutch subsection, if you ever decide to cater to the needs of us 0.3 % of the global population :D

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