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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by withice, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. withice

    withice Beta Testers

    Hi all,

    I see you've been doing some redecorating since I was last on....in about 2015!

    Are there many of you still left from then? If so, what've you been up to?

    Withice x

    PS Of course that is if anyone remembers who I am!
  2. wingspan

    wingspan Freedom Flyer

    hi withice! I remember you well and have often wondered how and where you've been! Luckily you don't have too much to catch up on. Ha ha. no that isn't true. A lot has changed/improved! I recommend read the two white papers, the various pages of www.radix.global, add your email to the mailing list there, join the chatty and not-always-about-Radix telegram group https://forum.radix.global/threads/radix-telegram-group.4522/, read over the reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Radix/, search twitter for latest on "radixdlt" and visit facebook https://www.facebook.com/RadixDLT/. On the telegram group, there is really helpful "pinned" message.
    -cheers and glad you are back! -W
  3. withice

    withice Beta Testers

    Yay! Someone remembers me and thanks for the welcome.

    That looks like a lot of reading...don't suppose you have it video or graphic novel form?

    What is a telegram group and do I need to learn Morse code, because I totally would?

    Heading off to read stuff...will definitely be back with questions. :)
  4. withice

    withice Beta Testers

    Oooh first question...just watched the POS video (clearly designed for people like me ;) ), who are the people in the video and what is that weird volcano thing?

    Looks like I'll be a good tester for whether your info is good for 'newbies'.
  5. wingspan

    wingspan Freedom Flyer

    not sure about the volcano - cool humidifier maybe. I saw Robert Olson (COO) on the left, Marc Rubio in the scarf on the right, and Dan himself holding the POS terminal. I would guess Piers Ridyard (CEO) was the cameraman, not sure. Piers did a great presentation in November you should see if you haven't already: along with a follow up segment: plus another video planned after the Jan 16th panel on tokens (http://tokenblast.network/).
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  6. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    The guy with the POS: Dan Hughes (CTO)
    The guy with the tablet: Robert Olsen (COO)
    The guy sitting down: Marc Rubio (dev)
    Guy filing: JohnnyBitcoin (its his YT acc)

    I was sitting behind in the corner.
  7. withice

    withice Beta Testers

    Anima! Did you use to have a different picture?

    Had they put you in the corner...or were you just camera shy?
  8. Lloyd

    Lloyd Founders Staff Member

    Welcome back withice... good to see you back here again.
  9. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    I'm camera shy.. no need to ruin the mmood with my grumpy face :D
  10. withice

    withice Beta Testers

    Thanks Lloyd...I remember you as you have considerately kept the same photo. ;)

    Anima...well we only see Dan's hands, you'll just have to come up with a convoluted reason for your feet to make an appearance next time.
  11. Hansen

    Hansen Founders Staff Member

    Welcome back withice.
  12. withice

    withice Beta Testers

    Hey Hansen! I like the line above 'Join Radix' although I want BabyEmus but I'm guessing their time has passed...
  13. Ryan.a85

    Ryan.a85 Founders Staff Member

    That hatching of baby eMus is probably the only thing you'll miss :)

    Good to have you around again Icey.
  14. ianMac

    ianMac I need to change my image! Staff Member

    Hey good to see you around again!
  15. Rickard

    Rickard Beta Testers

  16. Rad-voyage

    Rad-voyage Member

    Discord is a good forum and most crypto head that way
  17. withice

    withice Beta Testers

    Hey ianMac...still playing those bagpipes I see.

    And Rickard is that the Humanity Star in your profile? (Giant disco ball that NZ's Rocket Labs launched into orbit for some reason I haven't quite been able to work out)

    Rad-voyage...that phrase is worthy of a fortune cookie. :D

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