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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Fuserleer, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Fuserleer

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    Because some guy on there attempted to scam me out of $2k even though he had been paid. It wasnt even anything to do with BHW, yet he posted a thread. I kicked up a fuss about it, stating it was nothing to do with BHW, it wasnt for a service or product listed on there as it was personal business and refused to yield to his threats.

    For some reason the BHW mods decided to poke their noses in even though it was nothing to do with them, by this point I was trying to keep my good name yet they sided with him even though I had proof I'd paid him. The BHW mods are as crooked as the members quite frankly and I wouldn't visit that place again if I was paid to.

    Hopefully that is a sufficient explanation regarding a crooked websites actions.
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  2. gorush

    gorush Member

    Were you the owner of adpulse?

    I saw that adpulse had good reviews at the beginning but then people didnt get paid.

    I read the bhw thread and googled a bit.

    Thanks for ur answer
  3. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member


    Once it started to grow, we got a LOT of fraud, so of course we didn't get paid for those and so we didn't pay out for them either, any ad-network would do the same. Scammers like to push their luck then go crying when they get found out lol
  4. gorush

    gorush Member

    Thanks for ur reply.

    It makes sense.
  5. Ninjafocus

    Ninjafocus Beta Testers

    Great to know more about you, Dan. ;-)

    I have read a bit on Satoshi as well. I think he created Bitcoin just as an experiment. I bet he didn't know that Bitcoin will take off until the current height when he First created. May be he has his reasons to stay anonymous (eg: to avoid people from influencing the direction of his creation in the real life). I also believe the he didn't actually abandon it. May be he is still in the cryptocurrency market, using a different identity and helping in a different way?

    Definitely, if a founder of a cryptocurrency is as transparent like you, we will trust you better. ;-)

    I guess there are pros and cons for both transparency vs anonymous.
  6. RoboCop

    RoboCop New Member

    Thanks for the answer Daniel.
  7. Cossakman

    Cossakman New Member

    Dniel also ran a previous company
  8. julebreaker

    julebreaker New Member

    You cannot compare it.
    Bitcoins supply is 21millions therefore "Satoshi" can't give you additional coins for doing nothing.
    Daniel otherwise can because there is the demand & supply idea and so only a relativ limit.

    Thats how i see it.
  9. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    not too sure on the point of that argument.

    Plus, its not me giving the new eMu out, its the system. If I was to walk away at some point in the future for whatever reason, the system would still give new eMu out (or not depending on the current system state and demand)
  10. Cossakman

    Cossakman New Member

    That is true from a 2014 perspective but wasn't true back in 2009. Had you bought Bitcoin in 2009 - you had to find sellers (a lot of people were hoarding, back then, at $0.05) and you also accepted the fact that there was still 20+ million unmined bitcoins. It looked like Bitcoin would have had an inflationary crisis until they upped the difficulty.
  11. cybnate

    cybnate New Member

    Just like to say that I respect the transparancy and honesty from Dan. No-one is perfect, and from mistakes one would learn and become even a better person. One of the current issues with other crypto currency developers is the lack of transparency and holding their 'baby' too tight..

    As long as it still necessary to keep some base of non-distributed core development, transparancy need to be a core value to be successfull as a crypto currency or DAC-like entity in the long term.

    I wish you and eMunie well and I will be taking part in the pre-sale.
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  12. luvita

    luvita New Member

    Hi dan, I reserved fuserleer.com for you. I sent an email directly here but no one responded.
  13. BitThink

    BitThink New Member

    Hi, Dan, really appreciate you to be so transparent.

    Just one thing to say about the anonymous Satoshi. When Satoshi release his project, there's nothing in the history makes he to believe he can make a large influence in the world. Most likely he is just releasing an open source project like millions of others. He cannot predict the future just like us. It becomes a completely different story for other coin authors after the success of bitcoin.

    Therefore, I don't see any reason why Satoshi keeps being anonymous will stop you from taking bitcoin. I believe that you know that the code is 100% open source and everyone can review it in full details. Satoshi has no control of bitcoin instead of probability holding a lot of coins he mined in the early stage. Satoshi also has not asked anyone to invest on him or bitcoin so he is not obliged to disclose any of his personal information.
  14. BitThink

    BitThink New Member

    Satoshi did not say anything like you have to buy my coin at $0.05. That price is determined by the market and the price was much lower in the beginning. At that time, most of the coins still belong to the future miners.

    Emunie has a reference price $0.1 and the system will try to keep the price stable with its supply/demand model. Therefore, the holder of emunie increase his wealth by the interest (increase number of emunie) but not the appreciation (the price of emunie).
    The sum of emunie rather than the price is determined by the market. Emunie will works exactly the same if Dan decided that the price of one EMU is $0.01 or $1. There's not much difference at all.

    Emunie is a complete different thing compared with bitcoin. I don't think there's any similarity between bitcoin and emunie to justify the comparison. Especially, comparing the price of EMU to anything else is meaningless because $0.1 could be $1 or $0.01 and makes no difference.
  15. dengshande

    dengshande New Member

    appreciate you to be so transparent.
  16. jubalix

    jubalix Beta Testers

    Firstly I read though some of the accusations made agianst dan and followed the links and they do not check out, in fact if I recall paypal settled and then behaved badly.

    Secondly I'don't give a damn about the age, race, sex, views or past or any person cutting code and makeing new stuff. The code and product/ crypto speaks for itslef and is agnostic as to someones past, but stands on its own merits.

    Thirdly no one is forceing anyone to invest donate or whatever, particually any funds that are in BTC. So no one has any grounds to complain.
  17. sheld0r

    sheld0r New Member

    Good old Commodore times :D
    Amiga 500 :wub: may you rest in piece
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  18. coolsurfboy

    coolsurfboy Member

    Hi Dan I am Richard ! Good luck and I will be in Emunie ! :)
  19. Jazzer

    Jazzer The Dutch connection Staff Member

    in peace? Or in pieces? ;)

    Anyway, I had a ZX Spectrum myself. Good times!
  20. changpan

    changpan New Member

    How can I have sufficient privileges to creat a new post in other forum, like mother language forum?

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