Digital 2016/PayExpo and more - 6th-9th June 2016

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  1. Fuserleer

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    Monday 6th

    Early start to catch the 7am train to Newport in Wales for the Digital 2016 conference and meet Robert Olsen, our new BizDev guy.

    Rob knows everyone in the space, and attends pretty much every event! A lot of the meetings we secured and people we were able to talk to over the next few days were largely down to him already knowing them, which saves me a lot of work obviously!

    Hosted in an impressive location, and spread over 2 floors, with 3 conference halls, Digital 2016 had a bit of everything. From the latest in entertainment devices, drone tech & robotics to digital currencies innovative software platforms and products, there was certainly something for everyone.


    Arriving at around mid-day I missed some of the morning talks, but the order of business was purely eMunie promotion and demonstration of the platform, including the decentralized debit cards.

    Had a few interesting meetings with various parties, including the head of security at Microsoft and a company called Zerado that are doing some really interesting stuff in this space.

    Highlight of the day was Vinay Gupta's talk which you can view here and is very interesting where he talks about the merging on Crypto, AI, AR/VR and IOT

    After his talk there was also a panel and being at the front, I found myself being prompted by the panel to answer some questions that they weren't 100% sure on the answers too. Which ultimately resulted in me being pulled from the audience, giving a quick impromptu speech on who I am and what I do, and then getting put onto the panel :)

    After this did a ton of networking and more demos, and got an invitation from Lara @ BBC Click to get in touch with a view to being on the show in the near future :)

    Unfortunately, I couldn't stay too long as I had to catch a train to London for PayExpo which started the next day, but all in all, Digital 2016 was very worth attending!
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  2. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    Tuesday 7th

    Arriving at PayExpo nice and early, again the order of the day was to network and demo our solution. Where Digital 16 was a more general tech affair, PayExpo was squarely focused on payment technologies and Fintech.

    I must have done at least 20 demos of our platform and card solution during the course of the day to both large and small players alike, all of which were extremely impressed by what we had achieved.

    Notable moments of the day include the possibility to have an article in a major financial publication very soon, and I was also interviewed for TV and did a live demo :) (please excuse the bad hair day, no time for a chop)


    After the event, there was more networking as we were off to 2 after parties, one of which was on a very nice yacht!



    Wednesday 8th

    Second day of PayExpo and much of the same. Had a very nice conversation with Jon Matonis (Bitcoin Foundation) who I hope left as a emuntist and also XBTTerminal with a view to get our protocol on their POS devices which are rolling out this year.

    Left PayExpo in the middle of the afternoon to run to a meeting at Canary Wharf with a MAJOR bank and then onto a blockchain meetup at one of the various Google spaces in London where I did a lot more networking and demonstrations before and after the talks.
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  3. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    Thursday 9th

    Now that the expo events were over, this was a bit more of a relaxed day.

    In the morning we had breakfast with Vinay Gupta, who had expressed an interest to meet up at Digital after we had spoke a little about what we were doing.

    From there we went to view some collab space in London so that we have a presence down there (and also some space for Rob to work from).

    We then had a meeting with another company we met at Digital 16, who are working on some cool IOT related technology (locks/access control etc). They are going to send me prototype devices so that we can get them hooked up to the eMunie platform over the next couple of months.

    Final order of the day was an Eth meetup at Havas Media where after the talks, I spent 3-4 hours talking to everyone there about eMunie and what it can do.


    A long and tiring week, but certainly a week worth doing.

    Everyone was simply mind blown by what we have achieved, even the Eth guys, which see cool stuff in that platform everyday.

    A number of people commented that we have the true "3.0" platform, that is Bitcoin -> Eth -> eMunie which alone makes all the hard work and sleepless nights worth while.

    Now I have around 40 people to catch up with and see what we can do together moving forward.

    Very exciting times!
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  4. Donnie

    Donnie Beta Testers

    Can you describe the look on their faces when you showed them demo with debit cards :)
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  5. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    Sheer amazement!

    Then once I got talking about scalability, stability and all that real core stuff, many people asked "How are you doing this????" :)

    One chap asked if I was a wizard when told it was mainly me on the idea and development side of things :)

    It was very satisfying to witness hehe
  6. Donnie

    Donnie Beta Testers

    I'm glad you're getting the recognition you deserve.
    The only thing left for you is to get a cat, so you can rule the world :D
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  7. skywave

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    Great reading Dan - well done :)
  8. Peachy

    Peachy Founders Staff Member

    Seems he already is ;)

    Jon Matonis is a Founding Board Director of the Bitcoin Foundation and his career has included senior influential posts at VISA International, VeriSign, Sumitomo Bank, and Hushmail.

    An economist and e-Money [sic:p] researcher focused on expanding the circulation of nonpolitical digital currencies, Jon also serves as an independent board director to companies in the Bitcoin, blockchain, mobile payments, and iGaming sectors. A prominent fintech columnist with Forbes Magazine, American Banker, and CoinDesk, he recently joined the editorial board for the cryptocurrency journal Ledger. His early work on digital cash systems and financial cryptography has been published by Dow Jones and the London School of Economics.

    He has presented worldwide on the topic of Bitcoin and its disruptive economic implications to a wide variety of audiences, including members of the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank, SWIFT, IRS, DOJ, retail payment networks, major financial institutions, financial regulatory bodies, mobile money issuers, iGaming operators, information security firms, hedge funds, gold investors, and family offices.
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  9. lovely89

    lovely89 Beta Testers

    Nice fucking work Dan. I'm so glad you're promoting and networking with players in the crypto space and beyond.

    Every person that sees half the potential I saw in this project over 2.5 years ago is a worthwhile attribute to this cause.
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  10. tadkis

    tadkis Beta Testers

    It amazes me how people wants to be in warmth of other people sunshine.
  11. tadkis

    tadkis Beta Testers

    But every reaction is for better for emunie future. And all that interest from known people like Gupta and Matonis shows that emunie is a REAL thing (which we already know :) )
  12. Sharky

    Sharky Founders Staff Member

    A lot has been accomplished in only three days. I think the BTC crowd will take us very seriously from this point on.
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  13. Steven

    Steven First To Exchange Emunie

    This is awesome news, I bet you have to be tired though :p

    Yea the built in debit card feature of emunie is a master piece and no other alt coin can do that.

    You really created a work of wonder, and I am sure you will get the respect and wealth you damn well deserve.

    I am very proud of you and I am greatful you created this wonderful piece of tech :)
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  15. trescuernos

    trescuernos Beta Testers

    No have words... Only applause. Congrats!
  16. Leon

    Leon Beta Testers

    Fucking good job, Dan! :) Meeting all the right people who are smart enough to recognize your work! Must be a nice contrast to all the attempts on bitcointalk ;)...
  17. rotane

    rotane Founders

    Well done Dan!
  18. TheProfileth

    TheProfileth Beta Testers

    Great job Dan now we just gotta get to launch. Everyone already sees the potential and hopefully we won't let them down :)

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