Decentralized Debit Cards

Discussion in 'Development' started by Fuserleer, May 13, 2016.

  1. Cobra

    Cobra Founders Staff Member

    Just posting the POS terminal Demo Dan made recently that Ian posted in the TB.

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  2. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    Thanks for posting the video!

    Apologies for the shaky filming, it was recorded on my phone with one hand, while doing the demo with the other.

    I did it this way in one real time cut for authenticity, the lack of cuts clearly demonstrates how easy and fast it is to create your own debit card, load it with funds and spend it.
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  3. rotane

    rotane Founders

    Omnikey should Build you a monument. EMunie will Boost their turnaroud.
  4. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    Omnikey will not get that much boost of sales - its more of a dev kit than anything else. The new version that i have looks slick'er than what Dan has, but i've nver seen it anywhere before. Where its gonna count is the people who see this as a window to upgrade their existing POS-hardware to something with contactless - but older POS-HW should be just fine..

    Maybe Ingenico will be interested - those are the ones you see all over :)
  5. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    I think rotane is talking about all the libertarians in the world that will jump at the chance to create their own debit cards :)

    1M libertarians = 1M sales you wouldn't otherwise have

    I mean for the price of ordering a Bitcoin debit card, with a middle man, you can buy the hardware you need to make your own and then some.
  6. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    Ah, gotcha... didn't think of it that way..

    Sure, then rotane is correct :)
  7. Steven

    Steven First To Exchange Emunie

    I am curious why a java based card is needed in the first place? is the transaction doing something inside the card? (meaning it is more then just storing the emunie keys)

    I wonder if a cheap card like the SLE4442 could be used in the future? (they are cheap as heck but I wonder if the 1kb of memory is a problem? but I believe they are rewriteable and can be bought for about $0.50 each.

    My setup (and wish heh) :

  8. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

  9. Steven

    Steven First To Exchange Emunie

    @Anima Thank for your reply. Just wanted to know if there will be a future version which the ones I listed could be used, But thanks to the link you posted, it seems to confirm the reason the expensive cards were chosen since its has a processor and a crypto engine inside the card itself so it may be doubtful those cheaper cards would be able to work unless the program was redesigned.

    Ah well, the cheapo card reader/writer I have does not suppose java, so I guess I just have to wait until I can get it.
  10. cryptrader

    cryptrader Founders Staff Member

    This will truly be a godsend when it's integrated in even just a couple of online merchants to start! As Fuserleer mentioned, there are a small number of existing solutions but they all rely on Mastercard and Visa, Even worse, they also all involve using a bank!

    I remember the height of the Polish bank card craze a while back when one day out of the blue Mbank shut down hundreds of their bank cards taking their customer's funds with them. People had to fight really hard to get their funds back and many never bothered, thus earning MBank hundreds of thousands if not more.

    So the the fact that this is not just a debit card but one that you can load yourself from the comfort of your own home without paying IBAN transfer or bank fees is truly unbelievable!

    Just one of the many reasons why I've been following Fuserleer and eMunie for 3 years now and I have no problem patiently waiting for the revolution to begin :)
  11. OllieRDX

    OllieRDX Beta Testers

    Hiya, I am opening a business in a couple of months in the town where I live. I plan to go "card only" and not take any cash.

    My question is: Will I be able to take card payments that go straight into my radix account ?

    And if so would I need to create my own POS app that works with radix ? or would I be able to use iZettle the software I currently use for POS ?

    Thanks, Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Exciting times x
  12. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    Regular terminals from Ingenico etc. will require a FW update to know how to deal with radix debit cards.

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  13. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    Firmware update depends on the device that you have, how old it is, and a number of other factors.

    For the most part devices should NOT need an update, but they may need to be unlocked in order to configure it (a bit like a mobile phone, some are locked to a network, some are not).

    The politics of that with providers still need to be investigated, but the first step was to actually figure out a way to do it in the first place, and do it without requiring a mandatory firmware update for the majority of devices.
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  14. WindyCitySDR

    WindyCitySDR New Member

    I'd LOVE to partake in the "Beta" for this as I have a complimentary system for this :)
  15. mammon5000

    mammon5000 New Member

    take care , you might be accused of money laundering
  16. mammon5000

    mammon5000 New Member

    to dan, what about card skimming?
  17. Peachy

    Peachy Founders Staff Member

    No system is "foolproof" and we've never claimed otherwise. Anyone that claims to have a perfect system that can prevent all types of crime would just be silly.

    However, if you only load up enough funds on your card that you expect to spend for the day (or week depending on your spending habits) then the loss would be minimal.
  18. mammon5000

    mammon5000 New Member

    good point, you guys should elaborate this part : "if you only load up enough funds on your card that you expect to spend for the day (or week depending on your spending habits) then the loss would be minimal" ...make it all fancy and market it as anti credit card phishing/stealing solution that only radix can provide got the ideea ;)

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