Decentralized Debit Cards

Discussion in 'Development' started by Fuserleer, May 13, 2016.

  1. Fuserleer

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    Time for an update on these as progress with them is always going on in the background.

    Physical debit cards have always been a priority goal for eMunie since inception. Even though mobile devices these days support mobile wallets and NFC contactless payment systems, most consumers still prefer a physical card. When you consider that the majority of consumers are not technically minded, this should come as no surprise.

    Of course, Bitcoin and other platforms do have physical debit cards available for them, but these solutions always rely on the Visa or Mastercard networks, and involve a 3rd party service provider who will take a nice fee for the trouble of providing you that service.

    We wanted to cut out both of these "middlemen" and all of the drawbacks that come with them, fees, card suspension, censoring of get the idea :) That alone wasn't enough, as we also wanted the cards to be totally decentralized. To such a degree in fact, that anyone with $20-$30 of off the shelf hardware could create their cards themselves, at home and then spend the funds at the local coffee shop within minutes of creation.

    Quite a lofty goal!

    Many of the components required to achieve that goal are now developed and have been in testing for some time. The only major requirement remaining to bring that vision to a reality is the inclusion of the eMunie payment protocol on actual EFTPOS devices that merchants have in their stores. Even here, great progress is being made, and before the year is out the first of these devices will be EMU capable.

    However, many of you I'm sure do not have (yet :) ) the basic hardware available to create your own debit card with the test client and play around with it, so below is a video of how its performed kindly prepared by IanMac.

    Earlier today I finished the beginnings of a user friendly control panel in the client that will allow anyone to create these cards in seconds. I decided that a simple demo video of this in action would be a good idea to do.

    More exotic video demonstrations will come later on, so for now enjoy :)

    Another video I made yesterday demonstrates creating, loading and then using a card on a regular EFTPOS terminal.

    Apologies for the shaky filming, it was recorded on my phone with one hand, while doing the demo with the other.

    I did it this way in one real time cut for authenticity, the lack of cuts clearly demonstrates how easy and fast it is to create your own debit card, load it with funds and spend it.

    If anyone wants to test drive this out for themselves in the upcoming Open Beta, you will need the following (more details will be on the wiki soon):

    A smart card reader. I myself use an OmniKey 5321 V2, but there are many other compatible ones.
    Some blank cards, currently I've only tested cards that use the J3D081 chip so I would advise you buy these also.

    The blank cards are currently quite expensive due to them being rather new, so if you are buying in low volume expect to pay upwards of $20 each. They will come down in time though, and I've managed to secure a good bulk price with the manufacturer for any future quantities we may need.
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  2. CryptoScalper

    CryptoScalper Beta Testers

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  3. wingspan

    wingspan Freedom Flyer

    My dinky Omnikey 3121 ($18 Amazon) and my J3D081 using the new panel Dan made worked great to create a wallet on it and fill it with funds! No special files needed, just plug and play.
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  4. Conurtrol

    Conurtrol Beta Testers

    Very exciting stuff! People will be blown away by this
  5. Donnie

    Donnie Beta Testers

    Holy smokes batman :), excellent job
  6. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    Can confirm - works a treat..
  7. skywave

    skywave Founders Staff Member

    Early morning here - just loaded up the testversion - tried the updated debitcard stuff:
    WOW - this is revolutionary!
    And it works straight forward as well - easy for "Joe average" - no special coding or otherwise needed - just simple GUI entries, and voila, works!
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  8. trescuernos

    trescuernos Beta Testers

    Yesterday i bought a j3d081. I'm eager to receive it for test.
    It's awesome! A really killer app.
    It's only necessary to convince the merchants but, thinking in benefits with no cost, will be easy. ;)
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  9. Leon

    Leon Beta Testers

    Amazing! This would already blow other cryptos out of the water :D!
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  10. trescuernos

    trescuernos Beta Testers

    This inclusion needs update the EFTPOS devices soft or eMunie client? Will be easy for average Joe? Here in Spain, the devices come from one major brand: Ingenico.
  11. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    EFTPOS software update, it'll be pretty simple to do though.

    Ingenico are one of the top 3 players (especially in the EU) and so they are already on my hot list :) I have Ingenico readers here, the SDK etc. Once the card app is final I need to get certification for it, then its simply a matter of building a relationship with the manufacturers to get it supported from the OEM.

    Even worst case, if that doesn't happen, the merchants themselves can apply a patch to the reader and we can develop the tools for them to be able to do that.

    Remember though, Apple, Samsung and others managed to roll out their payment protocols pretty quickly, so there is no reason that we can't either (other than the obvious, $$$)
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  12. lostfile

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    cool i wonder if they will have some emunie atms some day :)
  13. rotane

    rotane Founders

    Evolution with a Capital R
  14. Gedke

    Gedke Beta Testers

    An amazing feature, good work
  15. danisapfirov

    danisapfirov Beta Testers

    This is incredible! :)
  16. TheProfileth

    TheProfileth Beta Testers

    Nice to see some of the more tangible features of eMunie are taking shape
  17. gbcholgi

    gbcholgi Beta Testers

    Very very cool stuff! I cant pay with my card under 10Euro in my supermarket here in bavaria...

    Can i create an ENS for my debit card? It's a normal wallet behind?
  18. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    ENS's on cards on supported at the moment (its actually quite a challenge).

    That doesn't mean to say they wont be at a later date though.
  19. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    ens for debit cards could be implemented. For now, you can just name your cards like shown. Like "Wife's debit card".

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  20. Hansen

    Hansen Founders Staff Member

    Lol. Bavaria. I remember it was like that 10 years ago in the rest of germany. I even pay a coke with debit card, the only thing that annoys me is that my bank knows where i am amd what i do. Sobi only buy stuff with it that i dont mind knowing my bank i own it.
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