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Discussion in 'Economics' started by wingspan, Nov 29, 2016.

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    I could even agree for the sake of argument that most people aren't evil, but history itself has proven leaders / rulers are, and we are at their whims.
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    Hi :) interesting discussion! Those that control the worlds finances are the true power behind any throne or government and the paradigm shift to a cashless society, will not come without blood on the floor. Whilst efficiencies in blockchain will be fully utilised, the threat of digital currency, especially anonymous decentralised ones, risks all established, vested norms. It wont even be a case of reluctant kicking and screaming, I personally think the paradigm shift to full adoption, will happen, but only after a collapse/implosion of the Fiat/Debt based system. China shows its reticence to Bitcoin, a few weeks ago the Russians published that they wanted to ban regular citizens from holding cryptocurrencies. Is Uncle Vlad really just concerned his citizens may become a victim of an ICO scam? or could it be that the carefully constructed and ruthlessly enforced autocracy he presides over, where opposition is either sidelined, imprisoned or disappear, faces its biggest threat by losing control of its largest lever of control, money? Its an amazing time to be alive, the biggest non war based, revolution is occurring that will turn the established order of finance on its head. The genie cant be put back in the bottle.
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    I think that crypto have a shiny future.

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