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    Despite nursing the remnants of flu, which cost me a great amount of time I needed to get the bells and whistles debit card demo finished up, Coinfest 2016 was a great event for us!

    Up early at 6AM Friday morning to set up the booth (I'm usually going to bed at that time, not getting out of it) here's how out little corner of Coinfest ended up looking...pretty sweet I'm sure you'll agree.


    And a picture of the gang (some people are missing though :( )


    Friday was surprisingly busier than Saturday, and I spent most of the day networking with the attendees and explaining eMunie and what it does.

    Even with a condensed explanation of eMunie, everyone went away excited and impressed with the scope of what we have achieved over the past 3 years, it was very encouraging.

    We left the event on Friday at around 7PM and hit the hotel bar for some food and drinks.


    Saturday, the big day, first time presenting eMunie, and my first presentation for around 6 years.

    Thankfully most of the attendees I had already spoken to the day before, so I was able to save my voice for the presentation at 1.30PM and I got a bit of time to do some last minute fine tuning of the presentation slides.

    1.25PM arrives and I'm setup and ready to go. The room was sparse, mainly filled with eMunists...but not to despair, by 1.35PM the room was packed full, with every one of the 50 chair occupied and people standing at the back.

    I start my presentation and quickly get in the swing of things, managed to inject some humor and have some jokes which I find is always a good thing. About an hour in and I feel my voice starting to falter and I make a couple of small mistakes due to it distracting me...but nothing I can't recover from.

    I wrap up the presentation and do a quick test drive of the client and demo the debit cards....LOTS of intelligent questions follow about the debit cards and eMunie in general, which was good as it showed that I had captivated the audience.

    The presentation ends, and I get a huge round of applause, even some cheers and lots of the audience coming up and congratulating me personally.

    It was nice to finally be able to present what we have and been working so hard on for so long and receive such a positive response. Now I can't wait for the next and slowly but surely, let the world know we have arrived.

    IanMac, Peachy and Hansen are currently working on a high quality version of the presentation footage, but for the meantime, there is a YouTube live streamed version available at

    but the quality is much lower.

    Finally I would like to thank IanMac and his wife, Hansen and his wife, Tadkis, Rasa, Peachy, R00bs, JollyRodger, Skywave and of course TheProf for making the journey and all the support they have given. I'd also like to thank Fyyt for not falling asleep on me :)

    Last but not least, I would like to extend my thanks to Adam at CryptoBatesGroup for hosting the UK Coinfest event and all the hard work he put in.
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    I'd had my nap with the previous speaker, you know the 1 who was giving away 0.1 bitcoin to everyone but did not tell you that you need to buy bitcoin from them first before you can withdraw the 0.1. Anyways, I was surprised to realise you were talking 1.5 hours, time flew by.
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    This was a great job of all of you! Thanks guys!
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    @fyyt I think once activated, you can use the card in a shop and buy stuff. I will attempt to do that in the next few days. When you activate the card, they charge a fee (surprise surprise) and the 0.1 BTC ends up becoming 0.0409BTC which is £12.

    Still, if the card does work in a shop it is £12 we get free. :D:D
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    Although Coinfest was a little smaller than I was expecting, it was great! Congrats to Dan on his successful presentation.

    @fyyt @r00bs I think fyyt tried to withdraw the 0.1BTC to his own wallet without activating the card first (and incurring the 0.05BTC fee)? I have made two purchases with my CoinsBank card without buying any bitcoin from them. It works. It charges a fee of about 67p per transaction though.
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    An excellent job Dan, I've just tweeted it on the CoinFestUK Twitter. Thanks for all your support
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    Wow. Thanks Dan. It's great. Can i translate and reproduce it in another forum?
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