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Discussion in 'Economics' started by Peachy, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Peachy

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    This is the last of a 7-part series I watched this morning.

    The full series is fairly well done without out a ton of conspiracy theory rhetoric. It does a decent job of explaining the history based on the rational self interest of each group. Probably nothing new for this group, but it did have a few interesting details regarding the recent QE and ZIRP to NIRP activities.

    The last part covers what to be cautious of if any country were to get access to our code as it could easily be forced onto the unsuspecting citizens for reasons not understood by them. He at times appeared to be a gold bug, but after listening to the full series I came to believe he's instead thinking critically about the entire environment.

  2. Ryan.a85

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    Anyone who watched Mr. Robot will immediately think of e-coin :eek:
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  3. tadkis

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    When title says "true history of something" mechanism of scepticism is turning on at once :)
    The idea is interesting but in general he neglects fiscal policy which solves economical stagnation
  4. BitButllet

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    Ryan, I remember Mr. Robot

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