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    Blockstack, building the decentralized internet:

    Blockstack Whitepaper: A New Decentralized Internet (Part I):

    ”At Blockstack, we’ve been (quietly) building a new decentralized internet that has been battle tested in production for over three years now. The Blockstack architecture removes the insecure, trusted third parties that stand between users, apps and their data. This new internet allows for true decentralization, fulfilling the original vision of Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Vint Cerf.”

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    OK so for a change I'm actually quite impressed with a "block chain" project.

    Just read the paper. It's consise and well thought out, addresses all the major vulnerabilities and attack vectors...AND they acknowledge that the limiting scalability of blockchain is a future problem they need to solve.

    Most of their ideas I agree with or have had similar ones for Radix. The main difference being that we dont need the external data silos because Radix isn't a data bottleneck.

    Good project, smart guys.

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