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    Hi, I am Valentin Filchev.
    I am from Bulgaria and I live in the city of Ruse . I worked as a ship electrician on passenger ships until 2000 but then became ill and changed my profession.
    I started trading forex , stocks, indices and futures.
    For Bitcoin and crypptocurrency I learned in the autumn of 20013 and since then I have been involved with them. At the beginning of 2014 I learned about the eMunie project from the Bulgarian forum - I had even registered in the forum but later I stopped following the project and did not I can restore my profile because I do not remember with which e-mail and with which login I have registered.
    Recently I started watching the development of a new Radix crypptocurrency in the forum and I decided to register in this forum and - what was my astonishment as I understood that this is the former eMunie project and you has been working hard over him all this years - I admire your work and the enormous progress that has been made.
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