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Discussion in 'Economics' started by Peachy, May 8, 2014.

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    I continue to find more noteworthy individuals who have a solid understanding of economics that are personally discovering our solution (without knowing they have) as the only optimal method for true adoption.

    Person of Interest: Ferdinando Maria Ametrano
    Senior Quantitative Analyst at Banca IMI;
    Adjunct Professor at Università Milano-Bicocca;
    QuantLib co-founder & co-admin

    Google Cache version for those without a LinkedIN account:,d.aWc

    Recent Publication:
    Hayek Money: The Cryptocurrency Price Stability Solution
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    Seems an interesting paper; thanks for posting it. I'll take a look some time next week.
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    Good paper. This is what we have been saying since almost a year. This section especially:

    "Still I do understand that the monetary policy of bitcoin is already a legitimate one: the gold scarcity paradigm. Moreover, because of its leadership, bitcoin is rightfully conservative when it comes to integrating innovations and radical changes. Of course this will have the cost of following a path similar to the gold one: being surpassed in adoption and value by more efficient moneys, only revamping its prestigious role during crises of the dominant currencies and recessive economic cycles."
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    This is awesome. I'm only at page 12 and really liking what i read. I never considered before that governments have a monopoly on the money. And they have their own agendas besides keeping the money stable.

    "[Government monopoly] has the defects of all monopolies: one must use their product
    even if it is unsatisfactory, and, above all, it prevents the discovery of better methods of
    satisfying a need for which a monopolist has no incentive. […] The opportunity to use
    a reliable money that will not periodically upset the smooth flow of the economy [is] an
    opportunity of which the public has been deprived by the government monopoly
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