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    Its 2017...and if asked when I started this project if I'd be making this particular post I'd have laughed!

    The quest for a true mass market capable solution has surely been a long one and despite everything I'm glad that our resolve hasn't wavered and I'm very proud about what has been achieved.

    Say what you will about the development timescales and delays, but we enter 2017 in the very unique and powerful position of being the only game in town that has real workable solutions to not one, but a number of critical problems that everyone in this space is facing.

    I'm talking about scalability, efficiency, node incentives, near seamless infrastructure integration and of course an economic model that has the possibility to forge the future of monetary policies.

    At the risk of sounding brash, a solution to just one of those would be justification for enthusiastic chest banging....we have them all and as far as I'm aware no one is even close to being on our tail.

    Each and every one of you involved in the project, even the critical among us :) have played a part in molding and crafting the path that has led us to where we are today. I'm more confident now than ever that we are going to disrupt not just finance, but a number of industries more than we could possibly imagine.

    2016, while being quiet on the front lines, served to answer all of the remaining question marks surrounding the possibility of achieving the end goal. Finalizing the EVEI consensus and it passing the "death test" was key to removing a number of said question marks for a number of our goals and allowing us to enter 2017 with confidence.

    In fact, such was the level of progress on that front in 2016, that there are no major question marks remaining which could stand in our way to a launch this coming year. The only major component still requiring significant development is the economics, which is itself in the final stages of code cutting and will be completed (save for heavy testing) within the next 4-6 weeks.

    Aside from development, a large amount of progress was made in other areas of the project that will contribute significantly to our success. Key relationships have been forged with a number of parties, both at a personal and professional level, which will also serve us well throughout 2017.

    The most significant of these will come into effect post launch, as behind the scenes we have been actively engaged in securing merchant and retailer participation to allow the purchase of millions of everyday items using our currency very soon after launch.

    Exciting times I'm sure you'll agree! :)

    Without further ado, here is the schedule as it currently stands for 2017. I've spent a lot of time putting together the following plan over the past few months, honing it to be as efficient and realistic as possible. I do not expect there to be any major deviation even when considering "Dan Time" :)


    First on the agenda is my yearly holiday. 2016 was quite simply hell and I'll save you the details. Simply, I need one! I'm leaving tomorrow and return on Monday the 9th all refreshed :)

    As soon as I'm home I have a meetings in London on the 10th and 11th which will focus on our debit card solution. Hopefully these meetings will provide some clarity on how to enable the millions of devices globally to accept our cards with minimal fuss and give a clearer picture what we need to do and how long it is going to take.

    From the 12th - 23rd I'll be concentrating solely on code with a view to wrap up the remaining refactoring work and polishing I spent most of December doing so that I can drop a beta soon after.

    We should also have agreed and committed to the technology branding by this point and the various branding requirements such as logos, websites etc should be well under way, perhaps even nearing completion. I have a marketing design team standing by to get moving on this ASAP.

    23rd-25th London again for Blockchain Expo, either myself or Rob will be presenting at this event.

    Remainder of January will consist of finishing up the refactoring if not already done, continue with economics and drop a succession of betas for you guys to test.

    Also during the course of Jan there are articles covering the project going to print in 2 major financial and business journals. I'll drop references to them on the forum as they are published.


    February is pedal to the metal month in terms of development. By this point we should have had a few good rounds of beta testing and economics will be nearing the point where it can also be tested hard.

    The first 3rd party project using our technology should be well underway and is an application targeting the insurance industry. I'll provide more concrete detail on this as and when I can due to me being under NDA and the project is as yet unannounced.

    Development will consist of much of the same, refactoring, cleaning code, fixing minor issues, but also adding APIs and other functions to support 3rd party projects such as the one above.

    It is my intention to bring February to an close and have a V0.99 client ready to go to open beta. To achieve that most of the month will be focused on development while keeping various "irons in the fire" at the required temperature.


    Following on from February, I'd like to kick off March with a bang and run an open beta under the guise of the newly created tech brand.

    Having a V0.99 client will be a huge benefit as I also want to get moving on fundraising that will see us through launch and mass market roll out.

    I don't think there has been a fundraising campaign previously where the tech is all but complete due to development of the idea being privately funded. I expect that fact alone will attract a lot of investment interest as the risk is massively reduced.

    An ICO will play a part in our fund raising efforts, but will not be the only campaign that we will operate. More on those later.

    By March end I also would like to have expanded the London team in order to handle more business development, and have in place a development team of maybe 5-10 people located near to where I live in a dedicated office. That team will be tasked with bringing the V0.99 client to a V1.0 and also the creation of mobile clients and supporting 3rd party developers.


    Successive drops of the open beta and nearing that elusive v1.0

    A code audit and security review is on the cards at this stage, unfortunately this is expensive and the only real option is to use raised funds to pay for it. Other than the development team itself, this will likely be the largest single expense directly associated with finalizing V1.0 development.

    I expect by April end to be able to set an accurate launch window, and upon the completion of the audit, set one in stone. As of today, I would consider a loose "end Q2/start Q3" to be realistic and sensible considering the remaining development and preparations required.
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    Development of core critical code should be no more and locked down now that the audit is in play. The only development being actively undertaken at this stage should be non-core elements such as GUI, mobile apps, API expansion, and the like.

    As the platform is rather large I expect the audit to take some time, thus presents opportunities to focus on other areas in the lead up to launch.

    EFTPOS roll out requirements should be clearly defined at this stage, with a view to moving forward as soon as the all clear from the code audit is received. Extending EFTPOS terminal support to other manufacturers terminals could also be one of the non-core development tasks being performed as the protocol will have been defined and declared final some time before.

    Consumer branding of the product must be final at the latest so that logos, websites and other content can be developed and completed in preparation for mass market campaigns after launch.

    We should be attending major conferences and events regularly with a moderate presence, perhaps even sponsoring some of them.

    Any legal entities or obligations required to go to launch, promote the product to mass market and generally see our vision through safely should be in place by now and will become clear as we progress through the first half of the year. A necessary evil of living in the 21st century unfortunately but one that hopefully won't bring with it too much burden and we can keep things light!


    A V1.0 ready client should be available and ready to go in June save for any issues found during the audit.

    Mobile clients should also be final at this stage and undergoing any certification processes in order to be cleared for listing on the various app stores (Apple I'm looking at you!)

    We should be continuing to attend the various events and perhaps even be considering holding a weekend event/workshop of our own focusing entirely on our platform as we lead up to launch.

    Ideally audit should be completed by June end, and any issues highlighted in that process should have been resolved.


    We will be in a position to launch at this stage, if not sooner timescales permitting, should we see fit to do so.

    The launch will be a "soft launch", as in we will not be targeting mass market users immediately allowing for some ramp up and opportunity to resolve any initial teething issues.

    Crypto enthusiasts are much more forgiving than I expected (Ethereum anyone?) and orders of magnitude more so than consumers! Use that to our advantage.

    August / September

    Much of the same with regards to the launched product, stay on top of any issues and resolve them swiftly and monitor activity closely.

    In other areas its business as usual, hopefully we'll have quite a few 3rd party projects underway by this point perhaps some even going to trials and pilots. Assist with these where needed.

    From the start of September our mass market campaigns should be in full steam development in preparation for unleashing onto consumers just prior to the Xmas period.


    The first of our mass market campaigns will go live and we will start to the see the very first consumers coming aboard!

    These will scale up and intensify during the run up to Xmas, hopefully on boarding 10,000s of users per day at its peak and leading to a rapidly increasing economy GDP via purchases.

    End 2017

    Go on holiday :)
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  3. rotane

    rotane Founders

    Great to see the schedule, Dan! Sounds feasible yet ambitioned.

    Please set me on the attendees list, no matter the where and when. I remember that you said, early investors would benefit from some special offerings besides the price reduction. Is that one of them?
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  4. Anima

    Anima Founders Staff Member

    I'm not sure that particular special offering was adressed back then (moreso, i believe it was the right to reserve ENS' at no cost - like your own user name). It could be something that could be offered for emunie's own seminars, events, workshops etc. in my opinion. :)
  5. Mario

    Mario Beta Testers

    Dan, whats up with the schedule? Are we on track?

    And did I miss the coverage in the media?
  6. Pete

    Pete New Member

    Hello everyone, is there any information available on the status of the beta program? According to the schedule, the beta program was planned to start in January. Is it possible to get an update on this?

    Thank you & cheers,
  7. fyyt

    fyyt a beta tester

    i think its fair to say we can expect a beta before easter. by the way when is easter this year
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  8. Sharky

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  9. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    Pretty much yeah, although somethings have occurred sooner than expected so I've had to offset some beta coding time to deal with that.

    Namely revenue generating possibilities. I've a number of companies showing real interest to start using the tech now (for private use it's usable as is) to develop PoCs that will lead to full scale, large value, commercial propositions.

    I wasn't expecting such interest so soon, its about 2-3 months earlier than expected. However, they'll bring not only income to assist in the public network roll out but also act as a testing ground for real world use of the platform so that we can isolate any issues early on.

    Of course having some large projects being developed on the platform prior to launch doesn't hurt either :)

    So we're not exactly on track as per the schedule, as I've had to offset some work now to secure potential deals that weren't expected until later, but all in all, things are moving quickly in the right direction.

    More as it happens (and I am allowed to talk about it).
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  10. jankarl

    jankarl New Member

    Not to throw any spanners, but one area which would benefit from this, in my opinion, is that of the charity field. Both the receiving and giving parts. Just a thought
  11. jankarl

    jankarl New Member

    Regarding the funding round which is required, I wondered if the site www.inovateuk.org would be of help?
  12. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    Charity is certainly one of the areas I personally would like the project to do some good.

    However the politics add a lot of friction, dealing with NGOs, and the logistical issues of getting the aid where its needed.

    Disaster relief is especially tricky as the area being provisioned with aid may not have any power/internet etc hence its useless.

    There are a lot of secondary issues to overcome before I think any block chain/DLT can really bring any value to this area.

    That isn't to say there aren't a lot of interesting projects happening in that vertical at the moment, but for us, right now its not the right fit :-(
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  13. pastet89

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    congrats on the cool news! As it's March already I was wondering how/when the ICO is supposed to start. I'd kindly like to remind Dan that I was one of the lottery winners of 10.000 EMUs. Shall I get into the initial holders list now with this amount or how will we proceed?

    Thank you!
  14. kwest

    kwest Beta Testers

    Oh, man. Being back in this forum makes me feel old. How long has it been? I have some gray hair in my beard now, that's new. Anyway, I signed up for the Radix newsletter today. I hope that's a good way to stay up to date. Cheers!
  15. pgb

    pgb New Member

    Just checked the day when I joined this forum and can't believe it's been more than 3 years. I can't imagine how many hours Dan has put into this, I just want to wish him the best of luck. I've been checking this forum every few months in order to look for updates and ofc to make sure I didn't miss the crowdsale. Now the wait seems to be almost over, can't wait!
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  16. Donnie

    Donnie Beta Testers

    Are we still on track for April OB?
  17. Fuserleer

    Fuserleer Radix Founder Staff Member

    Not quite, I've had to divert some attention to other priority stuff.

    Mainly patents as we can't really have an Announcement -> OB -> Fundraiser without a whitepaper and to do that I need filed patents.

    Also been full on luring young projects away from the likes of Bitcoin and ETH! I have some news about these in the very near future.
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  18. Apex

    Apex Full Member

    When do we get to see the actual code? After auditing?
  19. fyyt

    fyyt a beta tester

    earliest opportunity 6 - 12 months after go live. so it could be late 2018

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